Gaining the competitive edge: Victoria O’Sullivan

"The hardest thing about change is having the presence of mind to be able to do things differently to what you would have done previously. And so where you actually get the competitive edge and get the result is when it's really, really tough."

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How did you end last year? Did you feel tired? A little run down? Did you find yourself at any time sacrificing your personal health for the sake of your business or your clients?

Today we are going to kick the decade off with a bang – focusing on your competitive edge and energy in 2020.

Our guest this week is Victoria O’Sullivan, an expert in the field of wellness who helps clients achieve their true health potential and gain a competitive edge.

Since 2007, she has logged thousands of hours helping private practice clients and has also helped more than 6,000 people improve their health (including me – you can read more about my journey here.)

She has also appeared on Channel 7’s The Morning Show, is a member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society, and her writing and advice has featured in Cosmopolitan, Woman’s Day, Body and Soul, Women’s Health & Fitness Australia, InStyle, The Herald Sun, Fitness First, Essential Baby, The Border Mail and more.

In this podcast, Victoria encourages busy real estate agents to take care of themselves through quality health, exercise, sleep and more.

“It’s the fact that with our society now and our lifestyles, we’re just spending all day running against the tiger or slaying the tiger. So basically we need to learn how to switch the stress response off and calm down. That’s where things like meditation and exercising and doing things like interval training where you just burn off stress in the body is really, really important for energy and mental alertness and also mood and anxiety.”

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Maximising your productivity through your personal health
  • Why 92 per cent of people don’t keep their new year’s resolutions and how you can be part of the 8 per cent that do
  • Why Victoria thinks counting calories is the worst health advice she’s heard if your goal is to improve body composition
  • The connection between your brain and your digestive system and how this affects mood, behaviour and even weight
  • How to live longer by pushing out your life/health span and why managing your stress levels is so important
  • An explanation of the ‘concept of autophagy’ and why Victoria believes intermittent fasting works for things like detoxification and weight loss
  • Starting at the basics, making a plan and continuing through tough times (including early starts and rainy days)
  • Where to start with common wellness goals in 2020 (quitting drinking, losing weight, performing better, detoxing, maintaining energy and focus)
  • What to do if you think you don’t have the ‘time’ to be healthy.

Plus much, much more!

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