Former Ray White CEO returns to the coalface

Domenic Belfiore is already making an impact less than a month into his new role as Ray White Werribee director.

It’s a change of pace for Mr Belfiore, who resigned as CEO of Ray White Victoria and Tasmania in January after four years at the helm.

Recognising opportunity and potential for great growth, Mr Belfiore enthusiastically commenced work in his new role at Werribee on February 1st 2019.

“It’s such a huge growth corridor, and there’s so much planned for the western suburbs,” he said.

“Werribee is only a half hour drive from Melbourne and equal distance to Geelong, so we’re smack bang in the middle of the state’s two biggest cities.”

Mr Belfiore admitted his decision to base himself in a region he has no personal connection with was a leap of faith.

“I have no ties to the area so this is me putting my bum on the line,” he said.

“I see it as a huge growth corridor with plenty of potential. I want to build a business we’re really proud of, one that’s community-minded and focused. Our team is full of ambitious people that want to grow their careers and I want to support them in their growth every single day.”

As Ray White Victoria and Tasmania CEO, Mr Belfiore recruited Ray White Werribee director Michelle Chick, a local who’s worked in the industry for approximately 17 years.

“I was also conducting auctions for the office during that time so I had built up a relationship with Michelle and the team, and enjoyed working with them,” Mr Belfiore said.

“I’ve spent just over 21 years in real estate myself, the majority of the time running my own business. I’ve had the opportunity to witness how the White family develops teams and I want to repeat that success here at Werribee.”

Ms Chick said sharing the directorship with Mr Belfiore was the best move for herself, and the entire office.

“He’s amazing as he’s been here only a few weeks and the structure, systems, atmosphere, motivation, energy levels and excitement at Ray White Werribee has risen above and beyond,” she said.

“The local community, once they know his passion and that he does right for locals, will also be so pleased he’s joined our team. When it comes to the community realising what he’s about, they will realise he has their backs.”

Ms Chick said she felt like “all the Christmas’ for the rest of my life have come at once”.

“What we’ve achieved in these few short weeks, I’d have thought would’ve taken a lot longer to achieve,” she said.

“I don’t think Dom realises his impact. I’ve said to him, ‘We need to get you out there to the community because they need to know how lucky we all are’.”

Following Mr Belfiore’s resignation at the end of last year as Ray White Victoria and Tasmania CEO, Ray White managing director Dan White penned a letter of thanks.

“Over his almost seven years as CEO and as a BDE before that, Dom has made a huge contribution to our group,” Mr White wrote.

“He has created a wonderful corporate team and has rightfully taken so much pride in the development of all his team members and the impact they are having. He has attracted many fine operators to our network. Our network has become more productive and profitable, with our overall market share growth.”

“Dom was unwavering in his commitment to upholding the highest of standards, whether it be in leadership, agency practice, marketing, personal profile and so on.  He not only ‘lifted’ our Victoria and Tasmania business up to these standards, but inspired our international leadership to do the same. We remain incredibly grateful for the leadership that Dom has given to all of us.”

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