Former pizzeria owner serves up a point of difference for R&H in Hurstville

Raine & Horne has announced former pizzeria owner Chris Arvanis will join Jake Harrison to head up a brand-new Hurstville office.

The announcement:

Raine & Horne has added to its robust office network in the St George region by launching a brand-new Hurstville office led by young gun duo of Chris Arvanis and Jake Harrison.

For the real estate double act, the opening of Raine & Horne Hurstville is a back to the future event as Mr Harrison, a former commercial real estate agent, also moonlighted as the cook at Mr Arvanis’ Sylvania Waters eatery – Home Pizza.

“Jake was already in commercial and industrial real estate and worked out of Hurstville. He’d come over after work, take off his jacket and tie, put on his cook’s attire, and away he went,” Mr Arvanis said.

“I was 22 when I opened the pizzeria, the same age that Jake is right now. It’s a bit like looking back in time sometimes, though now I get to do it all again, having learned what I’ve learned, with a partner who’s even more driven than I was back then, which says a lot.

“Jake can draw from my experience, and I can draw from the drive. People say we’re like Yin and Yang, and I fully support that in business”

Hooked on real estate

Mr Arvanis sold his restaurant in 2017 and soon got a taste for real estate by successfully selling his home in San Souci privately at 26 years old, before investing in property in North Sydney.

“After hospitality, real estate felt right. So, I went ahead and got myself qualified with a full real estate licence.”

Initially, Mr Arvanis considered commercial property as a career after suggestion from his real estate mentor, Chris Schiller, known amongst the industry as “Uncle Chris”, but this changed when he contacted his former charge, Mr Harrison, who had shifted to residential real estate sales and leasing.

“Jake hooked me up with an interview with his employer in Campbelltown, who was handling a lot of house and land packages and off-the-plan properties. We both got some good experience in that sector with all the new areas emerging, especially over the last two or three years.”

Returning to small business ownership

However, the plan for Mr Arvanis and Mr Harrison, the latter of whom has since sold upwards of $150 million worth of property alone, was always to return to their old stomping ground, the St George region, to establish their own real estate office.

“Hurstville’s an excellent fit for us because it’s not far from our old business in Sylvania Waters. I grew up in the St George region, and Jake lives in Sylvania.

“I wanted to operate a real estate office in Hurstville, especially having owned a restaurant in such a nearby high-end area like Sylvania Waters. Becoming familiar with the people there, and how they live, and their lifestyle and investment motivations means that Jake and I are well-placed to service their real estate needs.”

Source: Raine & Horne

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