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Five reasons we think Daniel Hayes should win Big Brother

He’s the quick-witted real estate agent who has made waves for years and is doing the same again on this season of Big Brother.

Daniel Hayes has certainly ruffled a few feathers in the Big Brother house so far, but he’s also made some incredibly strategic choices. 

With his agent mind constantly switched on, it really is no wonder he’s gotten so far in the competition. 

The Geelong-based star – who boasts 82,800 subscribers on his YouTube channel Million Dollar Bogan – has quickly become a favourite for fans and show producers alike. 

Here’s five reasons why we’re ready to see Daniel win the Big Brother finale:

He plans ahead… and sticks to it 

Daniel is nothing if not consistent. He has been ready to do deals with other contestants from the first episode, creating alliances and developing strategies to win. Most recently, Daniel made a deal with Marley and Tilly to combine their efforts to make the top three. 


He even suggested on Instagram that he had been using his real estate agent background as a way of working with other contestants. 

“It’s a deal, it’s a steal, it’s the Sale of the Century,” Daniel joked, sharing a promotional picture from the show. 

He’s loyal to his friends 

Earlier in the season, Daniel had go into isolation after showing symptoms of coronavirus. When his result came back negative, Daniel returned to the Big Brother house to discover one of his closest friends, Nick Benton, had been evicted while he was away. He broke down in tears, showing a softer side of himself. 

That loyalty to his friend continued even after Nick had left. He used his persuasive skills in order to play the game, hoping to get Katie Williams off the show, since she was the one who had put Nick up for eviction.  


He’s not afraid to play the game

Daniel went into the Big Brother house prepared to play the game. The 48-year-old hasn’t been afraid to use his social skills to his advantage, proving he’s got the gift of the gab. 

Earlier this week, Daniel set his sights on Mary Kalifatidis (the mother of former Married At First Sight star Martha Kalifatidis). 

He had convinced Marley Biyendolo to put Mary up for eviction after the younger contestant won the challenge. Marley put Mary up for eviction despite her being a part of his alliance because Daniel appeared to ‘sacrifice’ people on his own alliance too. 

Daniel had assured the 26-year-old that Mary wouldn’t get voted out, instead suggesting the group would be focusing their votes on Christina Podolyan. 

In reality, the self-titled ‘General’ had convinced the rest of the contestants  – his ‘troops’ – to vote against Mary, sending her packing just hours later. 

Daniel knows that’s how the game is played and he isn’t afraid to play the long game. 


Fans and producers love him 

Daniel has the unconventional and daring personality that brings in viewers. Big Brother producers definitely want to see the real estate mogul go far in the competition, for the simple reason that he makes great television. 

Fans appear to have similar theories, suggesting on Twitter he might have an advantage. 

“Danny has had advantages for like two weeks now,” one fan wrote. 

“Big Brother might as well give Danny the prize money now,’ another said. 

The contestants might be in control of voting players out at the moment, but the live finale will be a different story. 

The live Big Brother finale is set to air on June 29, which will see the finalists (hopefully, including Daniel), face off for Australia’s vote. 

Fans have taken to Twitter to share their love, with many already predicting that he’ll be in the top three. 

I’ve seen enough. Danny Hayes is the greatest Big Brother contestant of all time!” 

“Let’s be honest here. Tilly, Danny and Marley would make an amazing top three. In my eyes, they’re the only ones playing the game.” 

Team Danny all the way. Making his own luck.”

I would be so happy with a Tilly/Danny final because they’re definitely the best players and it would be so hard to tell who would win it.”

“Danny has the BIGGEST heart and is such a softie, I love him.” 

He sticks to his morals 

Daniel knows his limits and will always follow his own moral guidelines. He wants to make a good impression on his two children, leading by example.

He shared their sentiment in an Instagram post last month. 

“Making your kids proud,” he wrote, sharing an image on a letter his son had written before he appeared on Big Brother

Daniel continued: “Letting them know that it’s not about being perfect but it’s about what you do and not what you say, is everything in life.”

“Making your kids proud,” he wrote, sharing an image ion a letter his son had written before he appeared on Big Brother. 

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