First National Real Estate Cleveland expands rent roll

The agency now has 835 properties under management.

The Announcement:

In a major milestone, First National Real Estate Cleveland has confirmed its status as the largest rental business in Redlands with an attached sales arm under one banner, following its latest and largest acquisition to date.

The Queensland-based real estate agency, led by Principal Ryan McCann, has now added an additional 350 properties to its rent roll, bringing the total number of rental properties under its management to 835.

The seeds of this achievement were sown back in 2015 when Ryan McCann joined First National Real Estate, pledging to invest his annual savings from membership fees into buying local rent rolls.

Fulfilling this pledge started as a family affair when Ryan and his cousin, Lisa Turner, bought his parent’s rent roll in 2019. Subsequently, First National Cleveland has consistently expanded its portfolio with successive acquisitions each year.

The latest and the biggest acquisition has a unique and nostalgic twist to it. Ryan only discovered during the key handover that the new rent roll purchased in Capalaba was located in an office that his father had built back in the 1980s.

Ryan fondly recalls the afternoons he spent there as a schoolboy doing his homework while his father ran his real estate business.

Reminiscing about his childhood, Ryan said, “I messed up their walkie talkies, played with their Teledexes, scribbled in their diaries, and swung circles in their chairs. I was the boss’s son, but they all treated me like their own. I loved being there and hanging out.”

This latest acquisition brings Ryan’s professional journey full circle, marking a significant milestone in his career while also paying tribute to his father’s legacy.

First National Cleveland’s strategic expansion underscores its commitment to the Redlands region, and this new chapter promises further success for the agency and its clientele.

Source: First National Real Estate

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