Familiar faces partner with Ray White in Sunbury

Ray White welcomes Sunbury agents John Saurini, Aaron Hill and Marin Durkovic as they make the move into business ownership.

The Announcement:

A collective of local real estate experts with a combined 60 years experience have opened a brand new office in historical Sunbury, on the north-west outskirts of Melbourne, in partnership with Australia’s leading real estate brand.

John Saurini, Aaron Hill and Marin Durkovic, who have cemented their reputations in their respective communities, are thrilled to make the move into business ownership and launch Ray White Sunbury.

Mr Saurini, a born and raised Sunbury resident, has celebrated nearly 30 years as an agent and auctioneer in the town, and has run a leading independent agency in Sunbury for 20 years. He brings with him eight team members across sales and property management to the Ray White brand, and has joined forces with Mr Hill and Mr Durkovic.

Mr Hill has 20 years experience in the industry. He has most recently been a partner in two real estate businesses in the Essendon region of Melbourne.

He is joined by Mr Durkovic, who has 10 years of experience predominantly in the property management space and has won business development manager of the year numerous times within his office.

“Aaron and Marin have worked together for eight years and I was thrilled when they decided to branch into the Sunbury region and partner with me in this opportunity,” Mr Saurini said.

The trio joined Ray White because it is family-run factor.

“Ray White are ahead of their time in their technology offering, but they also have fantastic corporate support and a real family feeling which is important to us,” Mr Hill said.

Sunbury is 35 minutes from the CBD of Melbourne, but very much operates as its own “country town”, and is a centrepoint for servicing the communities around it. The area is known for its historic roots, and is home to the oldest homestead in Victoria.

“When I was born here, there were 2,500 people. The town now has a population of 45,000, and is set to double again within 15 years,” Mr Saurini said.

“The region is going to experience incredible growth over the coming years, with housing and community developments popping up everywhere,” he said.

“80 per cent of our buyers at the moment are families relocating away from the city to Sunbury. We can walk these people through the region, and show them just why we love it so much.”

The trio said that the appeal of Subury was its proximity to the airport, its convenient metro line into the city, and the relaxed country lifestyle for families.

“It is a wonderful lifestyle being away from the hustle and bustle of the city; I am in the process of relocating out here with my family,” Mr Hill said.

“The attraction is the lovely community with good family values, and we can support those who want that dream.”

Mr Durkovic said the local knowledge and experience in the 10-strong team will be a key factor in the success of the new business.

“We are backed by a fantastic team who are full of local area knowledge and experience,” Mr Durkovic said.

“Providing exceptional service to our customers will be our primary aim. Market share will be a huge goal for us, as well as building an even stronger rent roll. We want to become the go-to professionals for property advice, for everyone in this community,” he said.

Ray White Victoria & Tasmania CEO Stephen Dullens warmly welcomed the team into their new office.

“We are incredibly excited that John, Aaron and Marin and the entire team are joining the Ray White family,” Mr Dullens said.

“John is well established within the community, and Aaron and Marin are market leaders and we know that we will achieve great things together for the Sunbury community.”

“We look forward to supporting them as they continue to provide the best possible service to their customers.” Mr Dullens concluded.

Source: Ray White

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