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Fadi Hajjar: Break up and make up

After a false start in real estate straight out of high school, Fadi Hajjar made a triumphant return to the industry – his first auction being a hotly-contested multi-million dollar development. Now he’s about to open his own agency, Pieta, in Sylvania

On getting into real estate
After a short stint in real estate upon graduating from high school, I decided that real estate was not for me, so we broke up. I went on to complete three university degrees and was a secondary school teacher for almost a decade. But the theatrics and adrenaline of auctions kept luring me back. I tried my hand at auctioneering by entering the REINSW Novice Auctioneer Competition and ended up a state finalist. From there, I launched a freelance auction company and started to call auctions on the weekends. I eventually transitioned full-time into real estate as a sales agent and now I’m on the verge of opening a boutique office in Sylvania called Pieta. I guess my relationship with real estate is stronger than ever now. I never apologised for the earlier break up, but we both understand as we are a little more mature now.

The happiest moment in my career
I was caught on camera in the name of creative video marketing. I was followed by a drone swinging from a clothes line to running along Sydney Harbour re-enacting a scene from Rocky. Creative marketing is just code for me wanting to let my inner-child thrive.

The most memorable moment
My very first auction. I thought it would be a tiny unit in a place far, far away; instead it was a multi-million dollar development site that was hotly contested. Despite the nerves, I owned the auction floor and slammed the gavel, achieving an incredible result. From that moment, I knew that I was able to add value to the marketplace.

Best advice he’s received
Treat others the way you would like to be treated. The golden rule is the ultimate maxim.

Biggest challenge
The changing technological landscape and the consumer expectation of immediate responsiveness. If we are able to shift this from a challenge to an opportunity by utilising the latest technology, we can improve the consumer experience.

Change for good?
Improved perception of agents by lifting service, quality and standards.

‘Elite’ agent means
A person who I would trust to sell my parents’ home. This person is a genuine human who cares for their clients and puts their best interest first. The elite agent is the ultimate professional, is tech-savvy, provides unparalleled service, and thinks outside the box.

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