Experience makes all the difference for Raine & Horne’s Network Manager

Network Manager Celeste Kopps is making a mark on Raine & Horne’s office network across NSW.

The Announcement:

Superbrand Raine & Horne’s office network across NSW, particularly in markets such as the Hunter, Illawarra, St George, Inner West, Northwest, and Southwest of Sydney, show no sign of slowing down despite the Reserve Bank’s decision to increase interest rates.

Many of the offices in these regions also appear to be reaping the benefits from working with Celeste Kopps, a Network Manager who has been transactional recently and only six months ago was working as an office General Manager.

Ms Kopps joined Raine & Horne’s Network Management team directly from a busy Western Sydney real estate office where she was the firm’s General Manager.

She held senior roles in administration and operations with several significant offices in Sydney after starting her real estate career in sales in 2007.

“Even though interest rates have gone up, many of our offices are reporting they’re busier than normal,” Ms Kopps said.

“January was quieter in the Inner West, for example, but now there are plenty of buyers attracted by the location and lifestyle appeal afforded by living in the suburbs close to the Sydney CBD.”

Expanding their wings with the help of a savvy Network Manager

Ms Kopps said that while many of Raine & Horne’s offices are still very busy, principals continue to eye opportunities to expand their footprints, which is a goal that Ms Kopps, as former office General Manager, is very familiar with.

As an Office General Manager, Ms Kopps developed growth strategies and plans. She also managed and retained relationships with existing clients, such as landlords.

“Some of our award-winning offices are part of their local community fabric. But there is no reason they can’t expand and compete in markets in suburbs and regions that are within their geographic orbit.”

Ms Kopps continues, “I’m mindful of not telling our principals how to run their businesses as they have been successful for years. Instead, I’m trying to look at ways they can streamline processes and other aspects of their business”.

Working smarter not harder

According to Ms Kopps where offices are working double-time, she can work with principals to put KPIs in place that ensure team members know what is expected of them. “

These KPIs mean that if the principals aren’t there, the business can still function,” said Ms Kopps.

“Alternatively, it might involve implementing Raine & Horne’s ecosystem of products such as Amplify and Digikit that make life easier.

Raine & Horne Marrickville is one of our group’s most established offices, but that doesn’t stop it from always embracing all our products and services to gain market share.”

Ms Kopps also helps offices with structural team issues.

“My work could be as simple as helping offices establish Effective Business Units (EBUs) where there is the main listing specialist, a prospector and sales support.

“Before implementing changes, we always go through all the statistics with principals to show them where they sit in their patch and how they can win market share if they apply small changes.”

Ms Kopps says it’s humbling to use her recent general management experience in an agency to influence a broader range of offices across NSW.

“With the market changing again, there are sure to be agents and principals who leave the market. But at Raine & Horne, we have principals across NSW who have been around for a long time.

“They know that with the support of Raine & Horne, they will continue to be successful.”

Source: Raine & Horne

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