Eview Group celebrates high achievers at 11th annual gala awards

Eview Group had their 11th Annual Awards on Saturday night and celebrated the group’s high achievers.

Eview Group director, Manos Findikakis, said Eview has seen a 70 per cent increase in growth in terms of individual figures.

“Our multiple brand platform allows people to have their own brand, that’s a real point of difference and we’ve attracted some great talent. Everyone’s figures are just exploding because people are able to leverage their own brands. We have captured our niche market in terms of delivering what customers want,” Mr Findikakis said.

While there has been an increase in the number of offices joining the group, the people within the brand are the driving force behind Eview’s growth, with some doubling their figures within 12 months.

Sales Agent of the Year winner Vic Apakian is a prime example of a high performer who has seen great results in a short time. Despite only joining the real estate industry 3 and a half years ago, Vic has seen a 400 per cent increase on his sales than the previous year, which is attributable to the creation of an effective business unit.

Mr Findikakis said the common thread behind successful Eview agents is they all have discipline.

“If we looked at all our elite performers who are achieving their goals, they set the goal and have got discipline around the action. They have really good habits.”

Claudio Cuomo of C+M Residential took out the award for highest commission earned by a director. In 11 months since joining Eview Group, Claudio made GCI $1,488,063.

“He was a really successful, number one agent in the local market with an existing brand for about 10 years. Then, he moved to his own office and had a record year under his own brand, ” Mr Findikakis said.

“People recognised him as opposed to own brand. That’s the big difference. And he attracted a top team around him, in less than 12 months.”

Eview Group’s goals are the double the size of their business in 2018 to 600 members.

“We have a number of offices but are looking at expanding that. The ultimate goal is to have an Eview Group member with their own brand and agency in every suburb of Australia. It’s a big, audacious goal but we have our first NSW office opening on January 1 and six offices due to open in the next 3 months,” Mr Findikakis said.

In 2015-2016, Eview Group had 1589 worth $995 million and GCI $15.95 million.

In 2016-2017 Eview Group had 2381 worth $1.55 billion and GCI $27.05 million.

Highest Commission Earned

Director Claudio Cuomo GCI $1,488,063– Eview Group C+M Residential

Sales Agent – Vic Apakian GCI $1,637,893 – Eview Group South East

2nd Highest Commission Earned

Director Jarrod Carman – GCI $982,753 Eview Group Mornington Peninsula

Sales Agent – Joel Hood – GCI $1,167,516 Eview Group Mornington Peninsula

3rd Highest Commission Earned

Director Peter Gourdouros – GCI $960,328 Eview Group Chelsea

Sales Agent – Tony Ladiges – GCI $882,131 Eview Group Mornington Peninsula

Sales Office of the Year – Eview Group C+M Residential

Principal of the Year – Jarrod Carman – Eview Group Mornington Peninsula

Salesperson of the Year – Jarod Joseph – Eview Group Mornington Peninsula

Property Manager of the Year – Trudie Thobe – Eview Group Tallon Estate Agents

Office Administrator of the Year – Karina Burns from Eview Group Donovan Real Estate Partners

Personal Assistant of the Year – Melanie Nimmo from Eview Group Joel Hood Property


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