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Episode 65: Colin Anstie with the latest on Social Media for real estate agents including tips on how to go viral

“Adding that personal element or human element to your brand is just so important now; you just cannot exist as a nameless, faceless drone…”

In this week’s edition of the Elevate podcast Samantha McLean talks to Colin Anstie of Raging Digital about what social platforms you need as an agent including how to optimise them, how to give yourself the best chance of ‘going viral’, and Colin also shares with us some of his favourite productivity tools that he says can save you plenty of time and effort in your social media campaigns.

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Episode host: Samantha McLean
Special guest: Colin Anstie


1:13 Takeaways from the Digital Live events (Colin was a coach at the event)
3:22 The two things Colin says agents are currently getting wrong on social media
4:58 The three essential platforms right now – Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn

5:58 Start thinking about smaller groups on Facebook, why it can be more powerful than broadcasting to large groups
6:15 Why you can’t ignore ‘dark’ social
8:39 How the Cambridge Analytica scandal created a shift towards Facebook Groups
9:45 “Content that has been shared on messenger or in private message get an increase in ranking, [so as a user] it’s more likely to appear at the top of a users feed. Facebook is 100 per cent tracking that.”
10:32 Content marketing was ‘the new black’ last year – and still is, but there is now a deluge of content out there
11:27 The importance of quality in creating content: “It’s an absolute battleground out there now”
12:37 How do I go viral, like the Chewbacca Mom?
13:48 The 5C’s or the qualities of content that is likely to go viral
15:15 Buzzsumo – tool for checking virality of content already out there
14:35 The koala that wandered into an open home
15:13 Why being ‘newsworthy’ will help, and what type of role the media plays in going ‘viral’
17:15 You can’t just be a ‘real estate expert’ any more, you need to figure out what your micro-niche is
18:34 Adding dimension – how can you differentiate yourself against your competition with a second or third dimension added to your brand
20:00 Two big tips for agents on Facebook right now

21:08 Colin answers the question on the relevance of LinkedIn for agents
22:51 Colin’s technique for searching for high net worth individuals
24:08 The secret to successfully connecting with people on LinkedIn

26:20 Where Twitter is great for real estate agents, and where it is not so great

27:45 Instagram is still the fastest growing platform in terms of users and engagement
28:17 Absolutely try Instagram stories – this where is 50 per cent of Instagram’s traffic/views is right now
29:39 Instagram TV is definitely worth experimenting with as it’s quite new/not saturated

Social media productivity tools
30:23 Managing profiles – Hootsuite, Buffer, CoSchedule (Colin’s favourite is Hootsuite)
31:00 Canva – make beautiful images
31:50 Finding content – BuzzSumo, Content Calendar – Asana
32:30 Video – Ripl

33:36 Overall advice – don’t get overwhelmed, start with one platform get consistent, then move forward.

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Samantha McLean

Samantha McLean is the Co-Founder and Managing Editor of Elite Agent and Host of the Elevate Podcast.