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Episode 54: Holly Komorowski from home.byholly talks stand-out property marketing (that wins awards!) and how you can too.

Guest Interview: Samantha McLean talks to Holly Komorowski, Principal of home.byholly and winner of the 2017 AREA Residential Property Campaign of the Year award, about how she grew her business and team ‘collective’, how to stand out in your marketing, and tips for leveraging the true power of digital.

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Episode host: Samantha McLean
Special guests: Holly Komorowski


01:45    Holly’s career; building ‘a brand within a brand’ and starting her own business
03:15    home.byholly’s growth and how Holly built her ‘collective’ i.e. team
06:00    How Holly approached marketing herself and her own business
07:30    Changing the language: why Holly uses ‘Buy me’, not ‘For sale’ on signage
09:00    Holly’s brand pillars for marketing: creativity, authenticity and effectiveness
09:45    The marketing approach behind 40 Coranderrk Street, Reid
13:00    home.byholly’s AREA-winning marketing campaign: 44 Frome Street, Griffith
17:00    The Canberra Times: How do you sell a house in Griffith? With a Gatsby-themed pool party of course
17:40    44 Frome Street photo shoot sneak-peek Facebook Live
19:00    “You just have to start.” Holly’s tips for those hesitating with digital marketing
21:30    Holly’s advice for agents for applying for the AREAs
23:30    To apply for the AREAs (entries close July 19th) and for more information visit

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