Episode 53: Nigel Dalton on ‘the Black Mirror’ in real estate, connected communities and the Internet of Things

Guest Interview: Samantha McLean talks to REA Group Chief Inventor Nigel Dalton about social credit systems, how trust ratings are impacting your business, what to do when you receive negative reviews, and how being part of a high performance team will help with resolving these problems.

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Episode host: Samantha McLean
Special guests: Nigel Dalton


03:00    REA Group at AREC 2018: from robots/AI to augmented reality avatars
04:30    Social credit scoring in Black Mirror on Netflix: Season 3, Episode 1 – Nosedive
08:00    The normalisation of scoring our consumers publicly e.g. Uber ratings
09:30    China’s Social Credit System; by 2020, the country hopes to have its entire population on this system
11:30    Voice activation: and its new AI for Amazon Alexa 
13:30    How the property industry can use voice-activated technology as an ‘access channel’
15:00    The danger of relying on voice activation, using Siri as an example
17:30    Rewriting the skill of ‘radio broadcasting’ to refine REA’s AI news sharing via Alexa
18:15    Google Duplex: the AI assistant that can make your phone calls with real conversations
20:00    Invocation:  e.g. when “Hey Alexa, what’s my property news?” calls on REA to provide information
21:30    A ‘walled garden’, the ecosystem of a connected community e.g. AOL, MSN or WeChat in China
22:30    Predicting the role of a ‘reputation specialist’ and how agents can prepare for this
24:30    “The challenge becomes, I think, in this fast-moving connected world, to stop thinking of the rockstar individuals in this process, and start working in teams.”
26:00    The future of rental bonds and using social profiles for trust ratings; will this end tenancy databases?
27:00    The major risk with social profiles being used for trust ratings is faking your online presence.
28:00    “Trust is the currency of the internet and finding a way of making that better has to be everyone’s goal.”
29:00    Rate Me: Netflix’s app based on the rating scoring in Black Mirror’s episode, Nosedive.
30:00    PEXA’s hacking scandal and the engagement that follows: REA Group’s Craig Templeton says, “Things go wrong. It’s not what goes wrong, it’s what happens next.”
32:00    The internet of things and its future in the property industry
33:30    The digital assistant; how would the real estate equivalent of Google Duplex play out?
36:00    What Nigel will be discussing at the upcoming ARPM conference

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