Episode 52: Using Facebook to generate and convert leads with Emma Barr

Guest Interview: Samantha McLean talks to iLEADS founder and director Emma Barr about using Facebook to generate leads, why you should use Ad Manager over ‘boosting’ posts, the different types of Facebook ad campaigns and what you should be spending to get the results you need.

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Episode host: Samantha McLean
Special guests: Emma Barr


03:00    The 3 goals of Facebook campaigns are awareness, engagement and conversion
04:00    Using Facebook’s Ad Manager to approach these 3 goals, not just boosting.
06:00    Awareness campaigns are generally lower cost, because it puts the content in front of audiences, but doesn’t cover how they engage with the content (e.g. clicks)
07:00    If working with a vendor, use a conversion campaign to show them the traffic their listing is receiving, how many clicks, etc
08:30    Imagery is key to creating thumb-stopping content, avoid colours that blend in with Facebook’s theme, and test different images with split-testing to see how audiences engage
10:00    Targeting multiple audiences for listings is possible with targeted campaigns, and can also be split-tested to see which audiences engage best
11:30    When looking for new leads, use conversion campaigns and position yourself as a market leader; provide useful information rather than self-promote.
12:30    Where are you directing your leads? What is the actionable thing you want them to do? What are you providing to them that’s made them give them your contact information?
13:30    When you have new leads, touch base with them (e.g. give them a call) to thank them and introduce yourself as a contact person to ask questions.
15:30    Consider having different landing pages i.e. funnels for different audiences (buyers, sellers, landlords, etc). Landing pages are the new ‘contact us’ page.
17:00    What is the Facebook Pixel and how to set it up.
19:30    How to measure ROI on Facebook and how much should agents spend on campaigns
21:30    The simple metric that tells you you’re connecting with the right audience in your campaigns
23:00    Instagram doesn’t work for every market, but is still useful for split-testing campaigns using stunning imagery
25:00    Emma’s closing tips: measure everything in your campaigns, Facebook rewards videos and allows your audience to see the face of the brand.

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