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Episode 51: The rise of influencer marketing, personalisation and the year of the customer with Amanda Stevens

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Episode host: Samantha McLean
Special guests: Amanda Stevens


01:30    Why 2018 is the year of the customer, and the consumer trends to watch for
02:50    Personalisation is about turning your clients into advocates
03:30    Personalised video; avoid your content solely being a video version of a campaign or report
04:30    The growing trend of independent or ‘indie’ brands and why customers connect with them
06:00    Amanda’s thoughts on what makes a great story for an agent
07:00    Agents should avoid using their track record as their lead brand story
08:00    Range Rover VS Ferrari case study: are you telling the client’s story or your own?
09:30    C2B i.e influencer marketing and the rise of the Instagram influencer
11:00    How real estate can leverage influencer marketing e.g. Three Birds Renovations
12:30    Use Instagram to research the current brands that customers are connecting with
13:30    Personal VS franchise: balance harnessing the best of your business equity with your brand story
15:00    Existing customers are commonly untapped opportunities for influence marketing
17:00    How real estate leaders can remain accountable for their influencer marketing and branding
18:30    Quick tips for building influence within your business and team
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