Episode 49: Chris Hanley talks the importance of language in real estate

Guest Interview: Samantha McLean talks to First National Byron Bay Director and Principal, Chris Hanley OAM, about adapting and prevailing in changing market conditions, dealing with emotional situations with buyers and sellers, the language of real estate and why being calm at your core is imperative when servicing your clients.

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Episode host: Samantha McLean
Special guests: Chris Hanley


02:30    Is there a place for scripts and dialogues in the real estate industry?
04:00    How Chris coaches his team on having the right conversations and learning about the buyer/seller
05:00    Write the motive to sell on the agency agreement; use this always ask them “has anything changed?”
07:00    Our job as agents is to listen to our sellers and find the clues to help guide them through the process.
09:00    Give your data to vendors in detailed reports, but only if you meet up with them to interpret it.
11:00    “If you’re training people to all say the same thing, imagine being the seller in the loungeroom listening to 5 agents coming to do listing presentations – it’s all the same.”
12:00    Using the same techniques as others: the public perception of being ‘no different’ will cause them to choose the best agent based on the lowest fees, rather than your service.
13:30    “Real estate is very unsettling because we get our self-esteem from our results.”
14:00    Agents avoid being ‘real’ when comparing themselves to other successful agents and acting like them.
15:00    “The best agents are authentic. They’re often eccentric, they’re real. They’ve got faults and they’ve nearly always got some passion or interest outside real estate …”
17:30    “The secret to educating an owner in a market that’s transitioning is to just tell it as it is.”
18:30    Being brutally honest to your vendor may mean they won’t like you, but not selling their home will mean they’ll like you even less.
19:30    How to sell a home in a challenging market.
20:00    Be the agent for all markets; when it’s upwards and when it’s slowing down.
22:00    Your teams must be in sync and on the same page in training and processes.
24:00    Discussing Mark McLeod’s concept of the third sale (i.e. buyer meets vendor)
25:30    “What you’ve gotta do in a relationship with a seller is get the can opener, open the top and get stuff out.”
27:00    “Truthfully persuade people to change their price, so they can move, is the single greatest skill an agent can have.”
30:00    If no one shows interest at your first OFI, make your changes before the second OFI.
32:30    Find different ways to put deals together and focus on the motive. E.g. “Is the money you’re being offered allow you to do what you want to do?” instead of “Are you going to accept/reject this lower offer?”
34:30    Craft good questions to ask your owners to gently allow them to open up and trust you.
36:30    “The best agents flourish in this market. They don’t flounder…” They have courage and are the best mentors.
37:00    “Calm is contagious.” Being calm means being in control. Vendors will mirror your calmness if they sense it.

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