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Episode 46: How to prepare for what’s next with Michael McQueen

Guest Interview: Samantha McLean talks to speaker, author and futurist Michael McQueen about the key factors currently shaping society, the main sources of disruption in real estate, and how new innovations (chatbots, driverless cars, Blockchain, affordability) will impact the industry and our lives.

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Episode host: Samantha McLean
Special guests: Michael McQueen


01:10    How to Prepare Now for What’s Next: A Guide to Thriving in an Age of Disruption
02:00    Wide-scale automation: robots and AI’s impact on society
03:30    Empowered consumers; having more information, options, and a voice
04:00    The overbooked United Airlines incident; FB Live as a game-changing voice for consumers
05:30    Unconventional competition; observing who is entering or soon to enter your market
06:00    If you want to understand disruption, avoid the long telescope. Go for the wide-angle lens instead
07:20    Opternative and its role as an unconventional competitor in the optometry industry
08:30    Emerging generations; millennials, Gen Y (and Gen Z); how to market to and attract them as talent
10:00    JiLL; Jones Lang LaSalle’s robotic receptionist/assistant in their Sydney office.
11:00    Gartner predicted “by 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationship with the enterprise without interacting with a human.”
11:30    Don’t skimp admin staff; that first impression that they give customers has the potential to make or lose revenue.
12:00    Driverless cars; their role in disruption and its impacts on the industry and commute time.
15:00    Driverless cars; auto insurance, road-side assistance and the need to be ready for this disruption.
16:00    Within 30 years, cars will be like owning a horse right now i.e. a hobby, not a mode of transport
17:30    Blockchain contracts and bitcoin transactions in real estate
19:00    Transparency and reliability in finance and Blockchain’s role in achieving this
20:00    3D printing homes; great for emergency housing, impact on residential too early to determine
21:30    3D printing’s impact on consumer goods and replacement parts in construction
23:00    Google and property listing portals as disruption threats, and alternative services such as Purplebricks and buyMyplace as unconventional competitors
25:00    Affordability’s role as a disruptor, fractional investments and tightened lending
27:30    Advice for business owners in real estate on what to expect regarding disruption
28:00    See disruption as an opportunity, remain savvy and keep pace/stay ahead with what others are doing
29:30    Identify what causes friction in real estate; the best people to ask are your customers
31:00    Be remarkable in social media and the community, but respect the privacy of your clients
32:00    Brand yourself as the expert of your area; the trusted advisor.
33:00    How we can learn from the accounting industry in approaching disruption.
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