Episode 44: Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate’s AU/NZ expansion and industry predictions for the next 5 years with Sherry Chris and Simon Cashman

Guest Interview: Samantha McLean talks to Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate (BHGRE) LLC US CEO Sherry Chris and Australian Project Lead Simon Cashman about the real estate brand’s upcoming expansion to Australia and New Zealand and what industry predictions they have for the industry in the next 5 years.

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Episode host: Samantha McLean
Special guests: Sherry Chris and Simon Cashman


01:05    Background of BHGRE brand in the US and other countries; 10th anniversary
02:45    How is the BHGRE brand different to other networks?
05:30    The brand’s distribution plans for its print media/magazine
07:00    The decision to expand and excelling beyond the property transaction
09:10    The franchise model and BHGRE’s upcoming launch event
10:00    The future of the workplace: the shopfront vs virtual teams
11:00    Sherry’s 2012 predictions for the industry in the next 5 years​
13:20    Sherry’s 2018 predictions for the industry in the next 5 years
15:00    Improving efficiency and leveraging tech to create deeper client relationships
18:30    By keeping data to themselves, agents are sacrificing customer experience
19:00    “To get control, give it up” – Peter Sheahan, Flip
22:00    Property management will be part of BHGRE model in AU/NZ
22:45    “More and more consumers are drawn to brands that actually stand for something and give back to the world.”

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