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Episode 40: How to Leverage Social Media Without Distraction with Caroline Bolderston and Melanie Hoole

Guest Interview: Samantha McLean talks to Caroline Bolderston of Being Bold and Melanie Hoole of about productivity and social media, and how to effectively manage the two and remain dollar-productive.

‘Elevate’ is the official podcast of Elite Agent Magazine for real estate industry sales professionals, property managers, and leaders. Each episode, we will bring you behind the scenes coaching, news analysis, exclusive interviews, technology, and more to help you list more, sell more, and elevate your results.

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Episode host: Samantha McLean
Special guests: Caroline Bolderston and Melanie Hoole


01:30 Addressing the question, “Is social media a waste of time?”
02:30 Pre-plan your social media with a scheduling tool. You don’t produce the property 10 minutes before it hits the papers – same principle.
04:00 Caroline’s target model: business development (prospecting, face-to-face, voice-to-voice) is the bulls-eye; appraisals, listing presentations and negotiations are the inner ring; profile building, marketing and social media are the outer ring
06:00 Segment and limit your time to avoid ‘the rabbit hole of death’. e.g. Melanie says don’t spend 5 hours looking for the perfect image; choose the best you can find once your reach your time limit and run with it
07:00 How to curate your social media case study: Gavin Rubinstein
12:00 Outsourcing social media duties and the importance of a marketing budget
14:00 How smart devices, chat bots and AI are helping to automate marketing
16:00 Consider social media platforms e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc as ‘places of rent’; the platform you own and can control is your website
18:00 Your website should be about your personal branding and no one else’s.
18:30 The 5/5 Rule for prospecting: let the phone ring 5 times and wrap up your call in 5 minutes.
19:20 Distraction is a choice; choose to value your time and apply the 5/5 principle.
19:40 Mornings in, afternoons out. 2-hour lockdown in the office and spend the remainder of your day in face-to-face activities.
20:00 The 80/20 rule: you can proactively control 80 per cent of your day; the remaining 20 per cent is situations needing immediate action or flexibility.
21:00 How to manage your time spent in appraisals
23:00 What the upcoming social media trends are expected to be

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