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Episode 32: Real Estate Wellness and Wellbeing with Jet Xavier, The Revive 2017 White Paper and more

Weekly wrap: Samantha McLean recaps the week that was with special guest Jet Xavier.

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Episode host: Samantha McLean
Special guest: Jet Xavier


01:00 The Revive 2017 White Paper – key findings from the report here.
03:15 Defining ‘doing well’ in the industry and the impact of the million dollar agent model
04:45 In Australia, the cost of untreated mental health conditions cost workplaces $10 billion every year ($4billion absenteeism, $6billion presenteeism)
05:55 Healthy employees are 3 times more productive and take 9 times less sick leave than unhealthy employees
06:15 “Overworking, or working extra long hours, doesn’t guarantee that you’re effective or efficient”
07:30 The impact of messages such as ‘hustle and grind’, ‘sleep is for losers’, ‘sacrifice everything now, play later’ on mental health
09:00 “47 percent of respondents said that they had felt physical symptoms of anxiety in the past 12 months, either often or always.” 
12:45 Jet’s advice for agents to shift their mindset around success in real estate; reevaluate, redefine and re-engage success in your career and life.
14:20  Working smarter, not harder.
16:30 Jet’s practical tips on practising mindfulness for improved wellness and wellbeing.
18:55 “Mindfulness is not about stopping your thoughts, it’s about letting them come and go.”
19:50 Learning to detach, avoid striving and never arriving
25:00 Social media’s relationship wellness and wellbeing
26:00 Be a Looper app
28:30 What’s next for The Revive Project, 2018 Revive event on 29-30 July
30:00 Visit Jet Xavier’s website to download the full White Paper

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