Episode 29: Holiday investment hotspots, selling and leasing during Christmas, the 5 KPIs you should be focusing on in 2018 and more

Recapping the best in real estate for the week ending 15 December, 2017

Weekly wrap: Samantha McLean and Mark Edwards recap the week that was.

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Episode host: Samantha McLean


01:28 New REIV data shows one in three Melbourne suburbs now have a median house price of at least $1 million
01:53 Stamp duty boosts surplus for NSW Government
02:39 Foreign investor surcharge raises concern in SA
04:07 Pets are part of the family too: REISA establishes standard pet agreement that reflects the obligations of a tenant towards keeping a pet in their rental property
04:53 Beachfront markets lead growth surge: REIQ
05:25 LocationScore names Australia’s top holiday investment locations
06:44 Insurance and the ‘share economy’ by Sharon Fox-Slater
12:35 Why Christmas is the best time to market your rental property: Danelle Hunter
13:27 How to increase your number of listings over the Christmas period: Adam Flynn
14:07 Beating The New Year Blues: Sherrie Storor
15:10 Taking The ‘I’ Out of Gift Giving: Kylie Dulhunty
17:23 Paperless Post
18:15 Landscaping Trends for 2018: Matt Leacy
19:03 Unforced Errors: Mark McLeod
24:54 Gavin Rubinstein: Mastering the Listing Presentation (video)

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