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Ellen DeGeneres flips Montecito Estate and stands to make double the purchase price

Ellen DeGeneres and her wife Portia de Rossi have placed their newly renovated Montecito estate on the market for $46.5 million.

Acquired just four months ago for $22.5 million, the couple has rapidly modernised the 8-acre property and is now offering it at more than double their initial investment.

The estate, known as Pompeiian Court, dates back to 1919 and is among Montecito’s most notable properties, according to the Robb Report.

Accessible via a long driveway and a large iron gate, the estate stands out for its historical charm combined with modern elegance. Upon arriving, visitors are greeted by a circle of olive trees surrounding a spacious motorcourt.

Previously remodelled around 2000, DeGeneres has now transformed it into a minimalistic haven that aligns with the trending concept of understated luxury.

Unlike many other historic Montecito residences, Pompeiian Court is a single-level home.

Its rooms all lead to a central courtyard adorned with Roman columns and an outdoor fireplace.

The property also boasts four additional buildings: two guesthouses, a pool cabana, and a small art studio.

The meticulously maintained grounds feature formal hedgerows and lawns, as well as mature Italian cypresses, ancient oaks, and eucalyptus trees.

For recreational activities, the estate provides a secluded swimming pool and a full-size tennis court, both distanced from the main house.

Notably, the grounds also house several large fountains, walking paths, and even a chardonnay vineyard.

The listing is managed by Robert Riskin at Riskin Partners Group.

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