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EAC delivers competitive advantage with Immoviewer 360

The Estate Agent’s Co-operative has announced the internal adoption of the Immoviewer 360 Virtual Reality product technology, allowing to conduct property viewings in Virtual Reality, from anywhere in the world.

“Thanks to truly accessible 360 technology, prospects can now experience your properties as if they were really there, but from the comfort of their homes or offices,” says EAC CEO David Crombie.

immoviewer provides fully interactive, virtual reality-compatible DIY 3D home tours with live 24/7 open house capability, floorplans and digital home staging with any 360° capable camera. They were the first international company to be selected to join the NAR REach® technology accelerator program, and have just announced a partnership with the innovative Panono 360° camera which uses 36 fixed-focus lenses to produce a highly detailed 108-megapixel image in a single capture.

How does Immoviewer 360 actually work?

  • Using a 360 smartphone camera and tripod, you can capture a property in virtual reality in less than 30 minutes.
  • This footage then uploads to a VR dashboard
  • Agents can then invite prospects to walk through the property using their smartphone, tablets, computer or VR headset from any property listing site
  • The details of each participant are then captured and the analytics of the tour provided, to allow for effective follow-up post viewing

Why is Immoviewer making such a difference to agents?

With 70% of buyers and renters expecting virtual tours, but only 2.4% of listings providing them, the Immoviewer 360 delivers a serious competitive advantage when it comes to winning listings.

“Perhaps the most exciting feature of this technology is the ability to put your prospect in the driver’s seat of their own tour, with real-time analytics delivering you a clear picture of what it is they are looking for,” says Crombie.

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