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Ask the Coach: Good Results from Doorknocking

Real estate coach and performance mentor, Claudio Encina is in the hot seat answering your most pressing questions around everything to do with sales productivity and process.

I’ve heard that doorknocking is getting good results lately as a form of prospecting. How should I approach it if I haven’t done it before? Jesse Wilton, Villager Property Newcastle

Doorknocking is gaining traction in the marketplace as another way to generate leads and market appraisals. The best way to approach doorknocking is to ask yourself, ‘How will I get the prospect’s attention?’

First, understand what result or outcome you would like to achieve from a doorknocking session. Then work out your pitch, or ‘30-second impact message’ as I call it. This is a brief message communicated in 30 seconds to three minutes; the aim is to grab the listener’s attention and give you the opportunity to build enough rapport to stay connected with the client, or obtain additional time in the future.

Understand you are not closing a deal in 30 seconds. You are trying to introduce yourself in a classy and calm way that can add value to the prospect.

How do you close if you’re not closing the sale? You have to know what you’re closing for. Sometimes you are closing for an introduction. Sometimes you are closing for an appointment time. It really depends on what your intention is. Remember, this message is not meant to replace your selling process; it’s designed to enhance your selling process.

Four points to consider:

  1. Have a strong case: What’s your point? You have to have a case that is compelling enough to give your prospect cause to listen. You want them to stop and think!
  2. Be creative: You want people to say, ‘Wow, that sounds interesting – can you give us an updated market appraisal based on the recent sale down the road?’
  3. Master execution: Delivery has to be strong and uniquely you, so be as natural as possible.
  4. Add value: Give them a list of all sales in their suburb with a monthly suburb report.

Finally, don’t be too serious; have fun and celebrate!

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