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Domain’s updated app to create more engaged buyers

Domain has launched an extensive advertising campaign starring Rose Byrne and Bobby Cannavale to promote its recently updated app, as part of a drive to reinvent the property search experience and deliver more informed, serious buyers to agents faster.

The campaign introduces the slogan ‘Know what we know’, which reflects Domain’s commitment to make it easier for buyers and agents to benefit from Domain’s deep market insights.

The advertising will run across numerous platforms including TV, radio, online, social media, out-of-home and sponsorship of Allianz Stadium.

The three one-minute films starring Byrne and Cannavale were directed by Trent O’Donnell, who is known for his comedy series, including Colin from Accounts.

In the humorous clips, Byrne and Cannavale take a spin class alongside a local school principal in a bid to get their daughter enrolled in the school despite being outside the catchment zone.

In another, they pose as removalists in an effort to find out the sale price of a property and they also quiz a child riding his bike home in a bid to find out more about the neighbourhood.

The tagline of each mini film being that had Byrne and Cannavale had the Domain App, they’d have access to the platform’s data and expertise. 

“In an era where information is the most valuable asset, ‘Know what we Know’ embodies collaboration, shared knowledge, and partnership with consumers and agents,” Domain Chief Marketing Officer Rebecca Darley said.

“Many Australians can relate to that feeling of property obsession, going above and beyond in their property search to feel confident they are making the right decision and we know agents have witnessed this behaviour first-hand. 

“This proved fertile ground to bring to life the new re-imagined search experience in the Domain App, and stretch the brand into a lighthearted and entertaining territory.”

Rose Byrne (left) and Bobby Cannavale (right) in the new Domain App advertising campaign.

The advertising campaign follows the launch of new app features at the start of August, including a dynamically integrated map and list view experience that enables buyers to not only understand what properties are available in different areas but the neighbourhoods they sit within. 

Another new feature integrates recently sold properties into buyers search results so they can easily compare recent sales with properties currently on the market, while ‘search by school zone’ is designed to help buyers understand the market and find the right property sooner.

Domain’s Chief Revenue Officer, John Foong said the updated app would help educate and engage house hunters in the buying process, which in turn makes them more prepared to buy when the time comes.

“The app is to make sure that by the time people come to an agent, whether as a buyer or a seller, they are really engaged… they know their stuff and they’ve got better expectations about what the trends in the market are,” he said.

Mr Foong said the app would also help sellers develop an accurate feel for the pulse of the market and have realistic expectations on the price they might be able to achieve.

Rose Byrne and Bobby Cannavale in the new Domain App advertising campaign.

According to Mr Foong, the updated app has been well received and the goal was to see a progressive uptick in engagement while users are on the app, in the same way platforms such as TikTok keep users engaged.

“Google does something called the toothbrush test,” he said.

“Something that’s so useful, it’s used by billions of people twice a day.

“And that’s what we want to be for all the different users that we have.”

Mr Foong said at any given time there were 500,000 people across the country looking to buy or sell, and Domain’s goal is to be front and centre of their search experience.

“We want to be a fun app, so people have a reason to log on, read the articles, look at photos so they’re not at the bottom of the purchase funnel anymore,” he said.

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Rowan Crosby

Rowan Crosby is a senior journalist at Elite Agent specialising in finance and real estate.