Domain, Lendi and other business leaders offer paid vaccination leave

Lendi Group, Domain Group, Prospa, Zip Co, Honey Insurance, Athena and Valiant Finance have announced paid vaccination leave for all permanent employees.

The companies have launched the Great Aussie Vaccine Drive, pledging to offer employees paid leave for both doses, should they choose to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

“We can see from the events unfolding around the country that getting vaccinated in crucial in protecting Australians and building towards a new normal for all of us,” Lendi Group CEO David Hyman said.

“Between family, work commitments and waitlists, it can be hard to schedule a vaccination time outside of traditional office hours. That’s why we’re making it easier for people who are eligible and want to get vaccinated, to do so.

“Through the pandemic, myself and the broader executive team at Lendi group, along with other business leaders we are uniting with, have pledged to act early and take steps that empower our people to protect their wellbeing, and that of our customers, business partners and the broader community. This is just an extension of that commitment.”

Mr Hyman is joined by Zip co-founder and global CEO Larry Diamond, Prospa co-founder and CEO Greg Moshal, Honey Insurance founder and CEO Richard Joffe, Domain Group CEO Jason Pellegrino, Athena co-founder and CEO Nathan Walsh, Valiant CEO Alex Molloy in launching the vaccine drive.

Together, they’re urging others to consider ways they can support employees who wish to get vaccinated.

“Its our role as larger employers to think flexibly and make it easier for our people to access the Government’s vaccination program if they want to,” Mr Hyman said.

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