DiJones reimagines wellbeing with Sonder partnership

DiJones is clear on its vision to improve the wellbeing of their team, so has partnered with Sonder.

The Announcement:

DiJones is unlocking more for its team and their families by partnering with Sonder to provide safety, wellbeing and mental health support.

“We are looking to make a meaningful difference in the lives of our people and their families,” DiJones CEO Dean Mackie said.

“Sonder was first created for security and safety. It has now evolved to include support for mental health and wellbeing and aligns with the holistic and balanced environment that DiJones is continuing to foster.”

“Sonder will be an important tool for our property managers and sales agents who can summon help at the push of a button as well as help with any mental and emotional demands that can arise in the workplace.

“The range of support which is provided by Sonder is personalised and uses a combination of technology and human support.

The system has been carefully designed to know the most effective form of communication for every situation.

It’s pre-emptive and supports the notation that we are striving to get ahead of problems before they can emerge whether that be professionally or personally.”

Sonder COO Christopher Marr said the company was proud to welcome DiJones as Sonder’s first real estate partner.

“DiJones is clear on its vision to improve the wellbeing of their team, and to see the leadership team execute on these values is refreshing.

“The real estate profession is fast-paced and the demands placed on sales agents, property managers and other similar roles is unlike any other industry.

Sonder’s dedicated team of health and safety experts will be there to provide confidential advice and support to the DiJones team and their families at any time – day or night.

“We will make a difference in their lives and look forward to being part of the health and wellbeing solution for DiJones.”

Source: Helpr Media

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