DiJones all in for consumer centricity with launch of Conversational AI

As more consumers feel comfortable with and seek out new technology, DiJones believes now is the perfect time to introduce Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the real estate sector.

The Announcement:

Improving the customer experience and allowing 24/7 access to property information has seen DiJones roll out a new way to communicate with consumers.

“The majority of consumers are very comfortable with technology and their behaviour and expectations are now that they should be able to do business on their own terms,” DiJones head of marketing Grant Gordon said.

“We know that 60 per cent of consumers are wanting to have conversations after hours and that the volume of people looking at our property listings spike between 9-11pm when our agents are having family time or are with friends, however our agent network are still keen to provide high levels of service to their clients.

“The real estate sector has a lot of proptech to choose from and sometimes this can make for a varied customer experience. The DiJones network is working hard to change that. Our Conversational Ai experience is a dedicated value add for our customers, focused on performing one task well – allowing us to be able to provide customers with the property information they want, when they want it.

“Mr Gordon said the technology is designed specifically for the real estate industry and the real estate industry only which enables DiJones to improve the customer experience in an authentic way.

“We have all bases covered and our system is able to answer a comprehensive list of questions that are likely to come up in a real-life conversation with an agent. It simply means that they have an agent at their fingertips any time they want to know something about a listing.”

“The power of it comes from 24/7 days a week real time service capability that allows for the expectation of the modern consumer.

“Mr Gordon said the new Conversational Ai experience is just the beginning for the network which has grown to service 14 regions across Sydney, the Southern Highlands and most recently the Central Coast.

“We are just getting started. We have developed a strategic map which we are following with a clear set of partners. We will be testing a number of different customer experiences and if proven they will be rolled out.

Source: Helpr Media Pty Ltd

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