DIAKRIT buys back majority shareholding from News Corp

Digital marketing solutions provider DIAKRIT have announced an agreement to buy its majority shareholding from News Corp Australia.

The Swedish founded company will now be owned by its three original founders Fredrik Bergman (CEO), Dick Karlsson (Managing Director, Residential) and Martin Fritze (CTO), as well as Pontus Lindholm (Director, Sales Nordic), who will all continue to run the company backed by a new smaller group of international investors.

One of the new investors, Richard Gardell, who is originally from Sweden but has a long history in the Australian finance sector and is the founder of the largest venture capital firm in Australia (Pacific Equity Partners) expressed his excitement to be a part of DIAKRIT’s next chapter saying, “I obviously wanted to take part in the opportunity to join the journey of a dominant Swedish company taking their business global.

“It’s been very exciting to follow DIAKRIT, especially in Australia where the demand for their products has been very high, and where they’ve succeeded in positioning themselves as a leading player in only two year’s time,” said Mr Gardell.

“We see Sweden as the benchmark for real estate across the world with their streamlined working processes and advanced technology such as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and other leading software. We know the Australian market will greatly benefit from this and are ready for what the next level of home buying and selling looks like” said Mr Karlsson.

Established in 2001, DIAKRIT entered the Australian market in 2016 and offer a full suite of digital visualisation solutions including photography, interactive furnishing and decorating solutions, 360° VR tours, HD video and drone technology.

Mr Karlsson said “Having worked with over 2,000 agent driven businesses around the world in under 17 years, we understand the pressures and challenges that agents face being expected to perform everything from prospecting, appraisals and selling, while still maintaining a high level of customer service.

“We see the potential to add great value to our partnerships in Australia by providing a central customer support centre that can handle everything from lead generating, nurturing, general customer care and administrative tasks.”

The business offering, which has already been servicing Sweden’s largest real estate group for the last six years, is set to be introduced in Australia later this year.

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