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Dexar Group recruits big data expert Jeffrey Gray to the role of Chief Commercial Officer

The Dexar Group have announced the appointment of Jeffery Gray, to the newly created role of Chief Commercial Officer.

With a Masters in Business Administration, Mr Gray has held positions with Domain Group, Aristocrat and Lexis Nexis, and has consulted with QANTAS and Hutchison Telecom.

According to a group press release, this experience gives him a unique insight to the power of data, and it opens up a new realm of data driven opportunities.

“Technological trends powered by big data like artificial intelligence are coinciding with – and driving – increases in consumer expectations, shaping the future of every industry. Real estate is a services industry, so harnessing these global trends to improve the services we offer is a natural and necessary focus.

“The more we understand consumers and their needs, the better we’ll be able to predict what they want and need from us. Then we can create services around this insight,” says Mr Gray.

Laing+Simmons Managing Director and REINSW President Leanne Pilkington says the real estate industry can’t shy away from the challenges and opportunities presented by new technology such as the onset of artificial intelligence.

“Harnessing data has limitless possibilities for the real estate industry. Our objective is to create a platform – or ecosystem – that triggers into action as soon as someone touches the Laing+Simmons brand, regardless of how they do so,” says Ms Pilkington says.

“It will take some time to perfect and we’re not afraid to fail as we go along. But the journey – and opportunity – is too important to ignore,” she concluded.


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