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Deb Stephens: Why you want to be a dinner party subject

With many in the industry being hit hard by changes in technology, EIS Property agent Deb Stephens still believes you can’t beat the word-of-mouth referral process

On getting into real estate
I was at a crossroad in my life and I had plans to move interstate in the weeks prior to applying for a job as a sales consultant at a local real estate office. 

If I was offered the job, I would stay, if not, I would continue with plans to move. I believe things happen for a reason and it was meant to be for me, as I have never considered a different career path since.

The happiest moment in my career
The moments you present an offer to your vendor and you know you have an exceptional offer that will make such a difference to their life moving forward. 

There are so many happy moments when working with motivated clients and customers – that is why I continue to enjoy what I do and could not imagine doing anything else!

The most memorable moment
The privilege of being chosen as the agent to market and negotiate a sale on “Stoke House” – a spectacular, historic, gothic revival mansion in the heart of New Town, which I achieved just over $3.5 million for, and set a sale record for the suburb.

The owners were thrilled with the outcome and the buyers couldn’t be happier!

Best advice she’s received
Real estate is not about property, it is about people. The relationship with a client or customer is not just for today. You want this to be for life – theirs and yours (but not in a stalking way!).

You want to be their agent they talk about at dinner parties, their first point of contact for any real estate questions or advice and opportunities – and for all their friends, family and work colleagues.

This is how the referral network is created.

Biggest challenge
Moving with the daily changes in technology and discovering how we can capture the attention of the younger generations who utilise this technology and social media in a way that we have never before experienced within the real estate industry. 

How do we meet this challenge? Keeping up-to-date with these changes is the challenge itself – and as a 48-year-old, at times it can become overwhelming.

So I just do the basic social media like Facebook and LinkedIn. What do we invest time in training-wise when it comes to technology?

One thing is certain, if we do not meet this challenge head on and change, then we are destined to become the dinosaurs of the industry! This is something many of us have seen over the years in the industry with those who are reluctant to change, and we have said: “I will never be like that!”

Change for good?
I would like to see Australia have a standardised Contract for Sale form so that buyers and vendors around the country can sell and purchase property without all the confusion about the offer/contract process and legalities which currently varies from state to state and territory to territory.

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