Cunninghams brand refresh, QR code signboards and opening of Avalon office

Cunninghams have rolled out a brand refresh including QR code signboards and have recruited a team for their Avalon Beach office 

The Announcement

With the imminent opening of its Avalon Beach Office and strategic move north into the Upper Northern Beaches, Cunninghams has launched a brand refresh and it has a lot of people talking.  

A brand that is known for its coastal vibe and magazine style photography, Cunninghams has made the move to incorporate QR code technology as a focus on their property marketing to  help consumers retrieve information quickly, directly to their smart phone or device.

The focus of  QR code technology, along with a full brand refresh gives the well-known Northern Beaches brand an upgrade, and is a huge value add for Cunninghams clients.  

“Cunninghams are in the business of change. We welcome change, we understand it and know  how important it is for growth. We also understand the importance of brand consistency and  know that finding a balance between change and consistency is critical for the longevity of a brand.” comments John Cunningham, Managing Director. 

The QR code signboards are the biggest talking point of this brand refresh, with the replacement of the usual photo signboards with one large QR code that can be scanned from across the street.

Rather than just a selection of one or two pictures that are usually placed on a signboard, this extra-large QR code allows the consumer to scan and access the full property listing on the  Cunninghams website, with direct links to contacting the Agent, open home times or to  download a contract. 

“This brand refresh combines the emotive lifestyle branding with the smarts, innovation, and technology to keep the Cunninghams team ahead of the curve, and marketing properties in ways  that others simply aren’t doing” John Cunningham says.

“As the Northern Beaches area continues  to grow and thrive, we wanted to transform our brand that will ensure our clients share in its prosperity.” 

Over the first month of rolling out this QR code technology on their signboards, the results are in and they are quite astounding.  

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