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Former recruiter and Raine & Horne Group’s NSW Network Manager, Travis Wentriro, has shared his support for the 80:20 rule, advocating culture will drive 80 per cent of your business, whether it’s landing a listing or a passionate recruit.

The Announcement:

Travis Wentriro, NSW Network Manager, Raine & Horne Group, a head-hunter in a former professional life, says culture always begins at head office.

“As an ex-recruiter, I’m an advocate for the 80:20 rule. This rule means that culture will drive 80 per cent of your business, whether it’s landing a listing or a passionate recruit. Great technology, systems and processes will take care of the other 20 per cent.

“If you empower the people you have with good culture, this will help you attract the people and business you want. The best recruiters should be the people who work in your business.”

Family ties central to Raine & Horne culture

With around 30 per cent of its national office group family-owned and operated, the culture at Raine & Horne has been in part nurtured by family ties.

“We are one of the two genuine real estate brands where the original family is still part of the cultural fabric and the business day-to-day,” Mr Wentriro said.

Empathy for family business is central tenant of the culture within the Raine & Horne Group.

Mr Wentriro said, “Family-run enterprises are significant to our culture, whether they are a husband-and-wife team, a partnership of siblings or parents and children operated businesses. Some of these businesses have been meaningful contributors to Raine & Horne and our culture for over 40 years.

“As a recruiter, I know it’s challenging to measure culture. But because we have many longstanding offices that keep resigning, there must be a reason for this loyalty? The answer is the Raine & Horne culture.

“You can’t buy culture. It is an aspect of business that develops over time. In Raine & Horne’s case, the culture has developed over almost 140 years and is led by our Corporate Office.

“Yet, you can rest on your laurels and consistency of message is critical to the maturity of a brand’s culture, as are the quality of the people in the business right here, right now.

“Raine & Horne has an engaging culture that is respectful of all its stakeholders whether its vendors, tenants, principals or employees. We work together as a team. Our offices banding together over the last 18 months to support each other has demonstrated this healthy teamwork and culture.”

Regional point of cultural difference

The Raine & Horne emphasis on regional real estate is a significant point of cultural difference, recommended Mr Wentriro.

“The ongoing collaboration between our regional offices symbolises the culture of the network. We have regional offices that are separated by 600-700 kilometres in NSW, for example,” he said

However, their regions are still very similar, and they share their learnings regularly. This collaboration and integration regionally are something the Raine & Horne brand does very well.”

Raine & Horne also avoids the culture-killing mistake of locating an office on every corner like its competitors.

“By stacking territories, an agency’s biggest competitor is often another office from their brand. By avoiding shoehorning too many offices together guarantees a highly collaborative culture at Raine & Horne.

“We want our offices to be geographically close enough to leverage off each other rather than compete for appraisals and listings. This balance guarantees our offices are happy to come to regional meetings, meet up at award nights and take training modules together.

Source: R&H

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