CoreLogic commits to building better and more sustainable lives

CoreLogic NZ has joined the Sustainable Business Council and committed to a range of sustainable practices including reducing carbon emissions.

The Announcement:

CoreLogic NZ has taken steps to actively demonstrate its commitment to improving its sustainable business practices by joining the Sustainable Business Council (SBC).

Today’s announcement follows a recent internal engagement survey which found 96% of employees either agreed or strongly agreed to CoreLogic taking a stronger position and action on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues such as sustainability.

The country’s leading property data and analytics provider joins more than 120 member organisations of SBC, which works to mobilise New Zealand’s most ambitious businesses to help build a thriving and more sustainable future for all.

CoreLogic NZ Country Manager Simone Moors said joining a like-minded community of businesses aligned with the company’s principal purpose to help people build better lives.

“One of our business solutions is the provision of data on climate change modelling and projection plus flood models. We speak to many businesses about the climate impact on portfolios and various risk solutions to help sectors meet regulatory obligations,” she said.

“We’re also supporting researchers on the Strand Marsden project with Otago University and the Reserve Bank, a study around the impacts of climate change on property and the potential impacts to the banking system in New Zealand. We understand the importance the impacts of climate change has and will have, and are dedicated to working towards a sustainable future.”

SBC’s members share a commitment to the vision of a New Zealand where business, people and nature thrive together.

Members are required to fulfil a range of commitments including producing a sustainability report or public account demonstrating the company’s sustainability activity, plans and performance within two years of membership.

Measuring the carbon footprint of New Zealand operations and establishing plans to reduce carbon emissions, is also a SBC member requirement.

Ms Moors acknowledged CoreLogic NZ was in the early phases of its sustainability program but had promptly implemented steps such as setting up a working group and a draft action plan.

“With the support of SBC we’re already making significant progress, which will have tangible outcomes across the entire CoreLogic business,” she said.

“Regardless of company size, businesses have a responsibility to take an active leadership role in climate action to help establish best practice and influence positive change.”

CoreLogic Executive – Finance & Operations Lisa Jennings said prioritising environmental changes and climate action initiatives was a focus for generating sustainable business success.

As program executive sponsor she said both the Australian and New Zealand governments have shown their intent by committing to significantly reducing their greenhouse gas emissions by 2030; Australia by 26 – 28% and New Zealand by 50%.

“To truly align to our corporate purpose, we need to demonstrate actionable, sustainable practices to improve the quality of our clients and their customers’ lives, protecting our ecosystems and preserving natural resources for future generations,” Ms Jennings said.

“Cutting emissions, lowering energy usage and reducing our carbon footprint are all ways businesses can make a difference. We’ve already made a start with the recent move to a new office in Sydney, which not only has a 5 Star NABERS Energy and 5.0 Star Green Design rating but has common areas within the building that are powered by roof-top solar panels. We’re currently exploring how we can reduce our carbon footprint throughout New Zealand as well.”

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