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Console Cloud launches in New Zealand

Console Cloud has officially launched in New Zealand, with the company noting the software is set to revolutionise the way agencies operate.

The new software will replace Console Gateway and comes after supporting New Zealand agencies with the server-based software for over 20 years.

“This industry-leading property management and trust accounting solution is set to revolutionise the way New Zealand agencies operate, empowering them to do less, make more, and grow more,” Console Cloud said.

“Since its Australian launch in 2017, Console Cloud has developed rapidly, driven by an expert team of property management and technology specialists, and underpinned by an inspiring vision for the future of the industry.”

Key to Console Cloud’s design are workflows , including end-to-end solutions that both simplify and speed up property management processes, and offer agencies a transformative opportunity to customise and optimise how they perform everyday tasks.

One such workflow, based around compliance, offers full automation and is the first of its type in the industry.

Through triggered communications, tracked certificates and expiries, and automated reminders and alerts, it drastically reduces the time taken to manage compliance items, including Healthy Homes Standards, and limits liability and risk for agencies and landlords.

“Console has a proud history of serving the enterprise property management agencies of New Zealand,” Console’s Chief Product Officer Matt McGown said.

“As technology has evolved, more and more of our customers have been looking for a cloud solution to modernise their practices.

“We’ve worked with our clients and integration partners to customise Console Cloud to the unique needs of the New Zealand industry. And while this announcement marks the official New Zealand release, we already work alongside customers managing portfolios ranging from 10 properties, all the way up to 2000.”

Beyond launch, Console Cloud’s NZ 2020 roadmap is pitched towards rapidly accelerating development.

“We’re ambitious about what we can give to the New Zealand and Australian property management industries to boost the profitability of our customers’ rent rolls,” they said.

“To support that delivery, we’ve invested in additional software developers, and have been backed by significant investment by our shareholders.”

“It’s exciting to be releasing a mature product into the New Zealand market,” Console CEO Charlie Holland said. 

“We have been rapidly developing our product for 2.5 years in Australia, and we are now ready to offer our customers in New Zealand a best-in-class piece of software that will power their success now and into the future.”

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