Claudia Portale takes her talent to The Agency

When Claudia Portale’s vendors are close to selling their properties, it’s not uncommon for the dedicated agent to lose a little sleep at night.

Not because there’s anything wrong, but because she’s so invested in achieving the very best results for all of her clients.

“My business is repeat and referral,” she said.

“I’m a self-confessed non-prospector, I’m not very good at prospecting because I’m very much about building relationships.

“My team does the prospecting, and I tend to nurture the relationships I have and they also refer me to their family and friends. 

“Sometimes I don’t sleep at night, it’s not just them (the vendors) when they’re going through this process.

“That’s what the clients say, they say I do get very involved because it’s not just a job for me.

“I look at what their end game is and I do absolutely everything I can to get there for them.”

And after 12 years in real estate, and with an established reputation in Mosman, on Sydney’s prestigious Lower North Shore, Ms Portale is taking her real estate ethos to The Agency.

Ms Portale started with the swiftly growing national brand last week and will continue to focus on sales all across the Lower North Shore, but with a speciality focus on prestige homes and luxury apartments in Mosman and Balmoral.

She is known for her consistent record results throughout the area, and holds the Mosman apartment record at $14.1 million for 3/2E Mosman St.

Ms Portale said it felt like a natural fit to join The Agency.

“I am delighted to bring my strong track record to The Agency and continue my career evolution by joining a business with a leadership team that I have worked with previously in Matt Lahood and Geoff Lucas,” she said.

“The Mosman market continues to see strong results and I have a number of significant properties in Mosman coming online over the next few weeks. 

“I look forward to continuing to achieve record prices for my valued clients.”   

Ms Portale said she had a long connection with real estate, with her family owning commercial property in the area. 

But prior to real estate she had an entirely different career running a TV production company, producing television commercials globally, for brands such as Twisties and McDonalds.

She said her former career had helped her a lot in real estate.

“The process is very similar to listing a property for sale because there’s a pitch process initially where you pitch for a job, just like you pitch for a listing,” Ms Portale said.

“With production work, you have to come up with a unique way to present that particular product to win the job and I feel like I apply that a lot in what I do in real estate too.”

Ms Portale also said she was about quality, not quantity, when it comes to listing and selling, pointing out that she doesn’t sell as many properties as some agents, but that is by design.

She said she is a perfectionist, a stickler for details and they are two reasons her clients use her as their agent.

“They have a really strong expectation and they tend to be high net worth individuals,” Ms Portale said.

“And they are putting a massive asset in your hands to look after. I don’t take that lightly because it’s a massive responsibility.

“You do your best because they’ve chosen you for a reason and I”m incredibly grateful for every job that I get.

“I’m not the agent that will sell 200 properties in a year, I’m more like 20 to 25.”

Ms Portale said her sales style involved a diligent approach and putting an exceptional amount of effort into every day and every sale. 

“My clients appreciate that I tailor the sales strategy specifically to them to get the best price,” she said.

The Agency CEO of Real Estate Matt Lahood said he was delighted Ms Portale had joined the network.

“As a long-term Mosman resident, Claudia Portale is very well connected within the Mosman community,” he said.

“A customer centric and trusted real estate professional who builds exceptional relationships with customers, Claudia is a marquee sales agent who has a strong client base. 

“She is an exciting addition to our lower north shore team in an area that has been a stronghold for The Agency since our inception.” 

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Kylie Dulhunty

Kylie Dulhunty is the Editor at Elite Agent.