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Chatbots take on the human form

Chatbots are about to take on human form, courtesy of FaceMe and their digital assistants who look, sound and interact just like real people.

FaceMe is an Artificial Intelligence platform that offers customised digital assistants which embody the most human of personas. It features avatars that can hear, see and remember customers, and “have the capacity to empathise for exceptional relationship management and superior customer experience”.

The platform’s creators explain, “These incredibly human-like chatbots are designed to respond to customer service needs with the ability to change their facial expressions in line with the context of the conversation.

“Dubbed the ‘next wave of digital assistants, the highly-interactive chatbots are powered through a sophisticated AI platform, soon to be rolled out across service-based establishments such as banks.”

FaceMe CEO Danny Thomsett explains that 10 years from now only 15 per cent of interactions that customers have with an organisation are likely to be conducted with real humans.

“This is where we see a major opportunity, but also a challenge for many organisations who create standardisation for customers but not individualisation. And whilst the world is on this fast-track to digital, we need to be thinking about how does digital become more human?”

The platform offers this human connection for enterprise using the power of lifelike chatbots to fulfil customer service roles. The company has worked to pick the ‘best aspects’ of the human connection and engagement and combine them with the best features of Artificial Intelligence.

The result is life-like digital assistants who are available any time to handle customer service inquiries, regardless of how busy an organisation may be.

“From a consumer’s point of view, FaceMe provides an experience that is immediate and personal, and makes people feel valued,” Chief Operating Officer Bradley Scott explains.

“If you’ve interacted with them before, they’ll remember those habits and preferences. They also know who you are as a customer and what services or products you have with that company, and can use that to improve the interaction with you.

“…it complements what humans can offer and raises the bar when it comes to customer experiences.”

Mr Thomsett continues, “The customer experience and customer relationship is going to be the currency of the future. Digital platforms today have heavily commoditised and standardised these experiences. FaceMe solves this by making digital experiences more human.”

FaceMe is now working with banks, telcos, enterprise and government to roll out their lifelike digital assistants.

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