C21 Norwest launches with a digital focus

Having collectively spent decades in sales, finance, and business development, the three principals of the new Century 21 Norwest office plan to bring a fresh approach with them as they open their new real estate business.

Keen investors, Rohit Lakhotia, Kapil Tangri, and Sartaj Natt have always been advocates for real estate and, with an already strong connection to the region, the trio instinctively knew where their foray into the industry should be – and who with. 

“We spend 80 to 90 per cent of our time in this area and it has gone ballistic,” Mr Lakhotia said.

“The property prices in the last 12 months have doubled in The Hills region.

“We’ve seen people make significant capital gains in this area, which is leading the market in terms of growth.”

Mr Lakhotia said the team felt aligned with the values and customer-focused approach of the Century 21 brand

“The brand is a market leader with state-of-the-art tools and technology, which was a key consideration for us when making this decision,” he said. 

The C21 Norwest principals have collected a solid skill set, covering all the essential areas required to make it in business and in the real estate industry, while also bringing a fresh, new perspective to the game particularly as it relates to technology.

“As an office, we want to be completely digitally driven,” Mr Tangri said.

“We use all possible tools and platforms to make the experience seamless and convenient for our team, vendors and clients.

“That’s where we’re trying to create a bit of a difference.”

The new office will benefit from Century 21’s multi-platform digital marketing campaign that uses geotargeting and modern segmentation techniques to generate quality leads for its network of offices. 

Ms Tangri said consumers will value the digital accessibility offered by C21 Norwest.

“It’s convenient, transparent, and so much easier to do things. Turnaround times will be reduced by going completely digital, plus we will be able to include more touch points from a marketing standpoint as well,” he said.

“You can communicate with more people at any given time, and with the sheer scale that we’re trying to attain, digitisation is going to be a big catalyst for that.”

Mr Tangri said the team was already seeing the gains of going digital in the three months since joining C21.

“It’s how the real estate ecosystem is moving. We all spend time on our phones,” he said. 

“It makes all the difference if you can catch consumers at the right time and at the right moment”.

“Door knocks might get attention, but it is being personalised through the digital and smartphone world that we live in that will make a massive difference.”

Mr Tangri said there were definitely benefits to traditional strategies and so they have taken a hybrid approach, with the trio playing to their own strengths.

Since launch, C21 Norwest has already introduced more than 10 staff members, with the intention of still adding more moving forward, to ensure they’re able to offer the personalised customer service that Century 21 is renowned for. 

“We’ll create multiple touch points, but we need humans to service them,” Mr Tangri said. 

“We’re aiming to offer a good balance of tech and human intelligence, with a large team, enabling us to offer the level of service our customers expect with a total focus on them.”

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Nicole Madigan

Nicole Madigan is a freelance journalist for Elite Agent.

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