Buxton forms Mornington Peninsula alliance with Holly Longmuir

Buxton’s presence has expanded into the prestigious Flinders, Sorrento and Blairgowrie real estate markets.  

The Announcement:

Buxton Real Estate Group is thrilled to announce an alliance with Holly Longmuir and her team on the Mornington Peninsula.  

This strategic partnership and rebrand to Buxton Real Estate is driven by aligned values, and a common purpose. The alliance between the two market leaders represents a significant step forward.

By combining both their extensive networks, local area knowledge  and industry expertise, this powerful collaboration will further extend Buxton’s presence into the prestigious Flinders, Sorrento and Blairgowrie real estate markets.  

Expanding into the Mornington Peninsula is a defining moment for our brand, according to Buxton Chief Executive Officer Marcus Williams.

“Holly is an exceptional leader who is highly  respected and driven, and focused on the delivery of an exceptional real estate experience” he said.

“Our vision, values and purpose are aligned, and this is why we are joining forces. Holly has a team of outstanding real estate professionals, and this combination with our highly regarded team of real estate professionals, and strong Victorian footprint and  experience stretching over 162 years, is a powerful force when brought together.” 

With visions to expand further, Mr Williams said the team will be highly strategic around the markets they wish to serve.

“Holly has a firm footprint in the Mornington Peninsula and this partnership will extend our influence in the Victorian market,” he said.

“Our vision for Buxton is to further elevate our brand and strive to be the real estate group of choice in all markets we serve.” 

Having amassed more than 30 years’ experience and a formidable reputation in the real  estate industry, Ms Longmuir’s decision to join the Buxton team was “an easy one to make”. 

Ms Longmuir’s remarkable journey began with a single office, a team of four, and an 11 per cent market share.

Today, she proudly oversees three offices, leads a team of almost 40 dedicated and experienced team members, and commands a dominant market share. 

“This alliance is built upon shared values, synergy, a people-first approach and the reciprocated collegial atmosphere,” Ms Longmuir, a third-generation real estate agent, said. 

“The quality and calibre of people within the Buxton group is second to none and exactly who we wanted to grow with. When you bring together individuals with the same drive,  determination, morals, values, and emotional intelligence, magic happens.”  

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