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Brisbane’s Matt Lancashire named Queensland’s highest selling agent

A combination of property and real estate IQ, effective processes, and a solid focus on vendors is the secret to success for Matt Lancashire, who has topped a list of Queensland’s top selling real estate agents for 2021.

The Ray White New Farm principal placed ahead of McGrath Paddington’s Alex Jordan, the Gold Coast’s Michael Kollosche, the Managing Director of Kollosche, and Place Estate Agents Kangaroo Point Director Simon Caulfield.

The list was complied by The Courier Mail using data supplied by Queensland real estate agents.  

Consistently selling more than $100 million each year, Brisbane-based Mr Lancashire wrote more than $300 million in sales this year, each with an average sale price of $3,539,000.

There were a few big ones too, including a record-breaking $13.1 million sale in Ascot and a $12 million sale in Hamilton – also a record-breaker. 

“It’s been awesome,” Mr Lancashire said. 

“It’s been probably one of the most enjoyable years of my 15-year career so far. 

“Not only because of the sales volume, we’ve been really, really lucky to be living in Brisbane and thus, the volume has increased dramatically and we’ve been able to help so many more families get into the homes they want to get into. 

“It’s been really rewarding, especially selling homes for people who have been living there for 20 or 30 years, and they’ve been well remunerated, which makes the decision to sell that much more worthwhile.”

As well as making multiple $10 million-plus sales, the Matt Lancashire team holds the highest sale price in nine suburbs across Brisbane. 

“Record sales are called that because they’re records, and we’ve been able to do it over and over again, which has been really rewarding,” he said.

“We haven’t had a month where we haven’t sold over $30 million.”

Mr Lancashire attributes much of his success to watertight processes, and an amazing team. 

“Of course, the market is the best we’ve seen, but we have a really strict process, and a team with a great work ethic.

“There’s also an element of property and real estate IQ, which you need to be able to resonate with people, and genuinely care about both results and people. 

“Another thing is our team moto. We never forget who pays us. So we’re always committed to getting the best price for our vendors.

“The most important thing is, particularly with the workload that goes into a listing, we’ve got a really well-oiled team, and everyone has their role within the team, and everyone ticks all of those boxes. 

“We don’t change the process and we keep getting results time after time.”

The first female real estate agent to make the list was Sarah Hackett, joint managing director and lead agent at Place Estate Agents Bulimba. 

With 25 years’ experience under her belt, 2021 saw Ms Hackett sell more than $209 million worth of property, with an average sale price of $2,911,344. 

She also recently negotiated a $12.5 million cash sale for 121 King Arthur Terrace, Tennyson, according to The Courier Mail.

Ms Hackett told the news outlet around 100 hours were usually spent on marketing and selling a property, but she couldn’t do it without her staff. 

“Fifty per cent of your costs – and this is for any agent because you can’t do it all yourself – is staff wages,” she said.

RankAgent nameAgentRegionYears expTotal SalesAve Price*ListingNo Sold**Support staff
1Matt LancashireRay WhiteBrisbane15$307,900,280$3,539,00089874
2Alex JordanMcGrathBrisbane23$288,930,288$1,987,3771511455
3Michael KolloscheKollosche PrestigeGold Coast24$261,118,353$4,926,70489532
4Simon CaulfieldPlaceBrisbane14$251,000,000$2,302,000341091
5Tony O’DohertyBelleBrisbane7$224,114,449$1,583,288144141.63
6Sarah HackettPlaceBrisbane25$209,616,830$2,911,34481724
7Jason AdcockAdcock PrestigeBrisbane27$198,000,000$3,200,00062625
8John and Nicole MayerKollosche PrestigeGold Coast15$191,349,831$1,723,872161111
9Adam and Tony GrbcicKollosche PrestigeGold Coast10$188,502,871$5,890,07141321
10Matt GatesRay WhiteGold Coast17$165,000,000$2,100,00070653
11Denis NazjarPlaceBrisbane10$162,191,047$1,550,0001161042
12Rebekah OffermanTom Offerman Real EstateSunshine Coast5$146,000,000$5,610,00028260
13Craig LeaMcGrathBrisbane9$137,262,379$1,010,4731361228
14Troy DowkerKollosche PrestigeGold Coast15$131,949,021$2,998,84139442
15Courtney CaulfieldPlaceBrisbane5$117,000,000$1,400,00090841
16Ryan SuhleRay WhiteBrisbane1.5$115,000,000$624,0002061702
17Andrew OostenbrinkBelleBrisbane4$114,193,786$781,828160146.14
18Paula PearcePlaceBrisbane13$113,000,000$1,310,000103973
19Adrian ReedReed & CoSunshine Coast7$112,000,000$2,470,00049402
20Tom OffermanTom Offerman Real EstateSunshine Coast35$106,000,000$9,600,00011110
21Aaron WoolardPlaceBrisbane12$105,000,000$875,0001401224
22Heath WilliamsPlaceBrisbane10$101,298,750$3,999,40837272
23Eric SeetooTom Offerman Real EstateSunshine Coast26$101,000,000$4,810,00021210
24Sonya TreloarRay WhiteBrisbane11$97,645,100$1,006,65097972
25Dean HamiltonLJ HookerBrisbane12$96,663,601$839,239961151
26Shane HicksPlaceBrisbane9$91,800,000$1,370,00072673
27Mark DiamondAtlasBrisbane9$89,000,000$1,236,00078722
28Zishaan OmarRay WhiteBrisbane10$85,354,000$835,000104862
29Nyree EwingsLJ HookerBrisbane20$83,838,000$607,2581361381
30Nicole HintzLJ HookerGold Coast15$81,859,390$746,6201011101
31Nicholas SlatyerBelleCairns18$81,576,800$1,064,9717976.62
32Brett GreensillMcGrathBrisbane22$77,507,500$2,103,28037333
33Dwight FergusonRay WhiteBrisbane30$77,400,000$2,380,00021252
34Reuben Packer-HillMcGrathBrisbane14$74,277,630$1,080,35569543
35Jamie HarrisonKollosche PrestigeGold Coast5$74,128,018$2,240,8712433.082
36Zora LiuLJ HookerBrisbane18$73,917,345$650,452561140
37Sam Guo and Julia KuoKollosche PrestigeGold Coast13$73,440,854$2,914,3193425.23
38Michael SpillaneInnov8 PropertyBrisbane21$70,000,000$714,000101982
39Louis & Kathy D’EspagnacCoronisSunshine Coast25$67,246,372$1,159,42068580
40Darcy LordBelleBrisbane17$66,708,175$1,189,9426556.12
41Kelly QualtroughMcGrathBrisbane17$65,705,222$708,426103933
42Jane ElvinLJ HookerBrisbane10$64,739,881$696,12795931
43Andrew GarlandRay WhiteSunshine Coast18$63,834,000$1,350,00058453
44Ryan WardKollosche PrestigeGold Coast16$63,484,840$3,505,61118182
45Karen RenoufLJ HookerBrisbane13$63,101,000$606,7401411042
46Eoghan MurphyKollosche PrestigeGold Coast3$62,809,500$2,617,06221241
47Amanda BeckeBelleBrisbane7$62,740,425$1,078,5706458.22
48Kate CoxReed & CoSunshine Coast12$61,100,000$1,852,00032.5322
49Damon WaratRay WhiteBrisbane18$61,069,500$2,024,69033312
50Angela DuncanRay WhiteBrisbane15$60,252,000$688,00066834
Queensland’s top 50 selling real estate agents. Source: The Courier Mail

* Includes shared/off-market sales

** Includes off-market sales (not listed)

Data supplied by Real Estate agents to The Courier Mail

This list features agents from the biggest agencies. It is not a comprehensive list of every agent in QLD.

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Nicole Madigan

Nicole Madigan is a freelance journalist for Elite Agent.