Brisbane prestige agency expands as market booms

Brisbane-based Adcock Prestige looks to expand their agency as the Queensland market evolves.

The Announcement:

After almost 20 years as a sole operator, leading real estate agent and auctioneer Jason Adcock is spearheading a major expansion of his booming Brisbane prestige property business. 

Pivotal in the decision to expand was his youngest daughter’s near-death experience after going into cardiac arrest while at the gym in December 2020. 

After this Jason re-evaluated his business life and decided it was finally time to take the step and grow the business into one of Brisbane’s leading prestige property agencies. 

Adcock Prestige was created in 2002 as a niche real estate firm, dealing only in properties over the $1 million mark, throughout the blue-chip areas of Brisbane including many riverfront properties. 

With the Brisbane property market now breaking new records, Mr Adcock has decided to up the ante by actively recruiting some of the city’s leading prestige agents to operate under a revamped banner. 

“The year I started Adcock Prestige, only 109 homes sold in Brisbane for more than $1million,” Mr Adcock said. 

“Others in the real estate industry thought it was a folly to focus solely on such a niche market, but two decades on, I think I’ve proven there is always a place for true prestige property specialists. 

“These days thousands of properties sell every year for more than $1 million, and in fact our average sale price is now $3 million.” 

Adcock Prestige’s expansion will take in 8 key blue-chip regions in the Brisbane market. 

“I have made a significant investment over the past 12 months to hone and refine our digital sales and marketing strategies, specifically to target prestige sellers and buyers, so I know what we do for our clients is not only at the leading edge of technology – it works,” Mr Adcock said. 

“Whether it be prestige homes in blue chip or up-and-coming residential enclaves, riverfront homes or architecturally bold luxury penthouses and apartments, the bespoke approach I have designed gives us the data needed for a targeted approach with every one of our listings.” 

Mr Adcock said while the global pandemic had shone a spotlight on the quality and strong value proposition of the Brisbane prestige market, the best was yet to come. 

“We’ve been seeing astonishing results both in terms of transaction speed and sales price, but the fact remains there is still a significant price differential between here and buying in Sydney and Melbourne,” he said. 

“Returning expats and southerners now need little convincing that if they can work remotely from anywhere in the world then Brisbane, with its perfect weather and its central location to two of the most incredible stretches of coastline, is a true nirvana both from an investment and a lifestyle perspective. 

“Watch this space in the 2021-22 financial year because I think we’ll see an amazing new real estate chapter being written in Brisbane and Adcock Prestige is now well-placed to leading the luxury charge.”

Source: Sequel PR

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