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Bridget Gabites: From science to sales

When Bridget Gabites was looking to leave her career in the lab, she mocked up an ad for herself and sent it off to 20 local agencies. She did such a good job marketing herself, she received 18 interview invites. So it’s not surprising the Harcourts agent was behind the best Brand Marketing Campaign in 2018

On getting into real estate
I was in the scientific industry before real estate. I have a science degree and helped researchers with high-end imaging equipment for scientific research. I was tired of all the travel and wanted to settle down a little. I researched all the career options I had and really spur of the moment decided to pivot into real estate.

I created some pretend marketing collateral (including a mock-up of myself as a realestate.com.au listing, which was pretty funny) to try and stand out, and sent an email to 20 local agencies. I received interview invites from 18 of them the very next day and the rest was history. 

The happiest moment in my career
In terms of the work, the happiest moments have actually been getting some of my sellers out of a tough spot. When lives have changed and they have found themselves in a pickle (particularly when the GFC hit), being able to take some of the stress away and reduce losses was just as rewarding as helping clients have big financial wins.

From a career perspective, getting into the Top 10 Agents with Harcourts Queensland was pretty incredible when I was selling, and winning the AREA for Brand Marketing Campaign in 2018 in my new role looking after our company’s growth and marketing was pretty awesome. 

The most memorable moment
For me it was a beautiful little cottage at 12 Bancroft St in Kelvin Grove. It was a simple home full of love and memories for the owners and they were moving on after many years there raising their family. When buyers started coming through, everyone fell in love with the feeling the home gave them. It was an incredible sale with a result far beyond the sellers’ expectations and I still think it was because of how much love was in the home. It will always stick with me. 

Best advice she’s received
Relationships come first.

Biggest challenge
Change. The world we live in is incredibly dynamic and everything will keep changing and change will come faster and faster. Those that will be great in years to come will manage two things better than everyone else.
1. They will roll with the change, take on opportunities, give new technology a go, and be willing to be flexible.
2. They’ll remember that the only thing that will never change is the importance of their relationships with their clients and their community. They will always put this first.

Change for good?
A wider range of voices on stage and at the top. We need to listen to people from all backgrounds in order to perform at our best as an industry.

‘Elite’ agent means
Someone who is a “whole agent”. They create beautiful, lasting relationships with their community. They serve their clients well with attention, care and understanding. They are trained to be the best marketers, negotiators and relationship builders. And they concentrate on continuously maintaining and updating their knowledge and skills to stay at the top of their game.

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