‘Brand-Engagement’, you’re doing it Wrong

Hmmmm, Hemmingway would be rolling in his grave.

Seriously, do you think any of these agency claims would engage a potential property seller?

Do you think any of them stands out as different?

Do you think a seller would go “WOW, these guys are amazing because they offer exceptional service”?

Nope, nope, nope.

OK, so how do you change this? Let’s talk ‘SHOW’…

When you incorporate ‘show’ into your marketing and branding, you engage your audience (aka your prospective sellers) in your brand.

The top agents and agencies in their area tend to be well known in their area. Right? Sure they are. They’re what I call ‘Locally-Famous’.

‘Locally-Famous’ agents and agencies have mastered the art of ‘SHOW, DON’T TELL’. That’s one of, if not THE way they stand out.

A big hint about how to incorporate ‘show’ into your real estate brand and marketing is by ‘demonstrating’ who you are, what you do and why you are different.

For example, when you ‘demonstrate’ your expertise, you’ll be ‘showing’ your audience what you’re capable of. They’ll be less likely to ignore this. And more likely to be engaged in what you are sharing with them.

While every other real estate agent and agency compete for listings by trying to convince their marketplace by ‘telling’ their audience how good they are, the ‘locally-famous’ cut through the noise by ‘showing’ their audience why they should be chosen.

Last week I was talking to James Tostevin, Director at Marshall White, and currently the holder of the number 1 ranking for sales in Australia with over $200,000,000 worth of property sold in 2013.

James told me, agents from all over Australia pay him to teach them how to prospect. It’s no wonder, James is an absolute legend at prospecting.

But here’s the thing, James could sit his eager students down and try teaching them by ‘telling’ them all about how he does it. But he doesn’t do that. He ‘shows’ them instead. They pay James just to sit in his office while he makes his prospecting phone calls. They listen into his phone conversations like they’re a fly on the wall. James says they get a better understanding of how to do what he does that way. He ‘shows’ not ‘tells’.

That’s the thing about ‘show’, it’s a powerful teacher. Whereas ‘tell’ is a very poor cousin to teaching.

Your ‘view agency profile’ page on is just one tiny facet of your marketing and brand building. In it you’re trying to teach your audience, your prospective property sellers, what you do, why you’re different, why they should want to list with you. What’s the point of a ‘view agency profile’ otherwise?

My point is, if you want to become ‘locally-famous’ you must start ‘showing’ instead of ‘telling’.

You must look at every part of your branding and marketing and ask yourself is this going to engage my marketplace? Am I ‘telling’ or am I ‘showing’?

When your marketing and brand building incorporates ‘show, don’t tell’ you’ll engage your audience. When you engage your audience, they’ll listen to you, they’ll see you, they’ll learn, and they’ll trust you. When that happens, sellers will choose you and they will call you. And you’ll be on your way to becoming ‘locally-famous’.

Imagine that. What would happen to your business if you engaged your audience better? What would happen to your business if you became ‘locally-famous’?

If you’d like some ideas on how to ‘show, don’t tell’, I’ve written an article called “3 Ways ‘Locally Famous’ Real Estate Brands Engage Their Audience”, I think you’ll find it helpful.

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Peter Hutton

Peter Hutton is the Director and CEO of Hutton & Hutton Real Estate. Peter brings over 25 years real estate experience as well as a wealth of expertise to the industry through his book, ‘The Love Price’.