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Beth Carpenter: More rights for landlords

From glorious chandeliers to the problems drugs can bring to a rented home, Professionals Avon Valley property manager Beth Carpenter has seen it all

On getting into real estate
I had left school not having any idea what I wanted to do with my life. I was working in a casual position at a supermarket when I saw an advertisement on social media of a job going as an assistant property manager with training provided.

I scrolled past the ad a few times and eventually thought, ‘why not, what’s the worst that can happen, they say no’. I applied and then the next day I received a phone call asking for an interview and was advised that night I had the job. Five years later and I haven’t looked back. It’s the best chance I ever took. 

The happiest moment in my career
When I received the property management individual award July to September quarter for the Professionals Group. 

The most memorable moment
My most memorable is a heritage-listed four-bedroom, three-bathroom property on Gordon Street in Northam.

It’s the most beautiful property I have ever seen with two beautiful chandeliers in the main living area that just shine. Not only did I lease it above asking price, but I’ve had it leased with excellent tenants for the past three years. The owner was so happy she has brought seven other properties to our agency to manage. 

Best advice she’s received
Don’t take anything personally. 

Biggest challenge
The increase in drug use throughout WA, mainly the ice epidemic and the fact it cannot be detected unless a drug screen/lab test is done. I feel as though the court system needs to be stricter to those who are convicted with drug use and real estates should be able to be notified of this via court records when carrying out checks before a tenant moves in and also during a tenancy.

If the real estate knows what’s happening at the property with regards to drug use they can possibly remove the tenant before major clean ups are required and it will also reduce the amount of tenants getting sick if the real estate is unaware of possible contamination from previous tenants so they can have the place correctly cleaned before it is re-let. 

Change for good?
More rights for landlords when it comes to kicking out tenants who owe rent/do damage to the property, and decreased court waiting times. 

‘Elite’ agent means
An elite agent is someone who loves their job and it shows. They will go above and beyond for their owners and their tenants to ensure it’s smooth sailing. They are organised and well-presented. They are the face of their agency.

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