Belinda Beekman triples return with Area Specialist

Gold Coast agent Belinda Beekman has tripled her annual gross commission income since partnering with the fast-growing real estate network Area Specialist.

In the first 11 months of 2021-2022, Ms Beekman wrote more than $872,000 in GCI, all of which she keeps.

Ms Beekman opened her own business, Area Specialist Property Solutions, operating from an office in Jacobs Well, in November 2020. She specialises in sales in the northern Gold Coast, which also includes the suburbs of Steiglitz, Pimpama and Ormeau.

“In my first year with Area Specialist I doubled the gross commission I was receiving in my previous sales agent role,” Ms Beekman said.

“This year I have sold 74 properties so far, which is also triple my best year before joining Area Specialist.”

RateMyAgent ranks Area Specialist Property Solutions as the most recommended agency in Jacobs Well and Steiglitz and Ms Beekman as the most recommended agent in Stieglitz in 2022.

In total, Area Specialist Property Solutions agents wrote more than $1.2 million in GCI in 2021-2022. Ms Beekman is confident the office can increase those sales in the new financial year.

Before joining Area Specialist Ms Beekman worked under the traditional real estate model, splitting her commission with the agency. 

“I felt I was working very hard and I knew I had a huge profile in the area,” Ms Beekman said.

“My daughter was at an age where she was helping me a lot at work so the time was right to run my own business.”

She was impressed by Area Specialist’s powerful online presence and the vision presented by company founder Michael Choi.

“My strength is sales and not accounting so Area Specialist is a great fit for me,” Ms Beekman said.

“I am a director of my own business but with that office support behind me.”

Ms Beekman has lived in the north Gold Coast area for 20 years, an ideal spot to raise a family as well as for commuters to work on the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

“I came from Cronulla in Sydney and loved being close to the water and the islands,” she said.

“At that time there were a lot of older people here who loved fishing.

“It is still a perfect spot for retirees but now there are a lot of young families too. There is a village atmosphere, it is safe for your kids to ride their bikes.”

The high-profile canal development Calypso Bay also alerted buyers to the region’s waterfront lifestyle.

Ms Beekman hasn’t seen any evidence of softening in the real estate market in her area.

“Sydney and Melbourne are a lot more expensive than here and we are still catching up,” she said.

“I like to do 10 listings and sales in a month and that is still happening.

“Owners in Jacobs Well like to hold on to their properties. At any given time there is not a lot on the market so the demand is always there.”

Mr Choi says Area Specialist is growing nationally by at least one agent a week, focusing on high performers like Ms Beekman who are experts in real estate in their locality.

“Our members want to be associated with the best of everything ranging from tech to branding and network,” Mr Choi said.

“If you are a top-performing agent who has thought about opening your own business we can make it seamless for you.”

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Noel Mengel

Noel Mengel is a freelance journalist and author based in Brisbane.

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