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Before You Bid rebrands to Before You Buy

Before You Bid has rebranded to Before You Buy in a move that helps clarify that all property purchasers are able to access the service.

The Announcement:

Leading property inspection and report provider, Before You Bid, is excited to announce a significant rebrand to Before You Buy. 

This change aims to clarify our services and better reflect our commitment to assisting all property buyers, not just those involved in auctions. 

Over the years, we have recognised that our name, Before You Bid, has led to some confusion and misassumptions among real estate agents and potential clients. 

Many believed that our services were solely for properties going to auction.

However, our comprehensive inspection reports and services are designed to benefit anyone looking to buy a property, regardless of the buying method. 

By changing just two letters, we are embracing a name that clearly communicates our mission and opens us up to a broader audience. 

Before You Buy is dedicated to providing all property buyers with the information and confidence they need to make informed decisions, avoiding the potential heartache and stress associated with buying property. 

Why the Rebrand? 

·         Clarity and Inclusivity: The new name, Before You Buy, removes the auction-specific connotation, making it clear that our services are for all types of property purchases. 

·         Enhanced Understanding: We want real estate agents and buyers to easily understand that our services are universally applicable, providing valuable insights for every property transaction. 

·         Commitment to Service: Our mission remains the same – to offer thorough, reliable property reports that help buyers make confident, well-informed decisions. 

“We’ve always been committed to helping buyers make the best decisions possible. This rebrand is about ensuring everyone knows that our services are here to support all property purchases, not just auctions,” Rhys Rogers, CEO of Before You Buy said. 

“With this change, we are excited to continue our journey in providing top-notch property inspection services and to reach an even wider audience.”

Source: Before You Buy

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