Battle Royale! Harcourts Game of Phones

Harcourts Game of Phones sees competitors calling and confirming as many appraisals as possible.

The Announcement:

Real estate royalty battled it out during Harcourts 2022 National Appraisal drive recently.

‘Harcourts Game of Phones – Appraisals are Coming’ saw agents, property managers and offices from across the continent compete for the crowning glories of being named ‘Greatest of Call Time’, ‘The Call Star’, or ‘Landlord of the Rings’.

Open to all Harcourts, NAI Harcourts and Nutrien Harcourts agents and offices, Game of Phones attracted large numbers of zealous participants.

“We’re just delighted by the enthusiastic uptake of our One Team right across Australia,” said Kingmaker and Australian CEO Adrian Knowles.

In a strictly timed period, competitors had to call and confirm as many appraisals as possible. Armed with training tips and scripts, everyone’s phones ran hot as the numbers stacked up.

“As well as going to one of our main values – fun and laughter – the training and application of skills learnt goes beyond the ‘Game’ and into the real business of real estate,” continued Mr Knowles.

“Generating listings and sales.”

Harcourts Game of Phones ran over two sessions, with entertainment, and further tips, in between. 

It was an intense morning, but then, fortified by pizza, competition went up another notch in the afternoon.

With live video crosses to Harcourts offices in all areas, competitors were keenly aware of each other’s numbers.

The sand in the hourglass trickled as time ran out, and with the curdling cry of ‘Phones down!’, the Game was over.

“It was as fun and as high energy as an auction!” laughed co-host Christian Hamilton, Head of Auctions, “and from me, that’s saying something!”

As well as an exciting competition in its own right, Game of Phones is a precursor to two monster auction weekends occurring in October.

Called ‘The Big Bid’ these promise to be another special Harcourts event.

“Harcourts Game of Phones proved itself to be a most majestic battle! Full of furious fun, it has been a morning of magnificent manic messaging and an afternoon of amazing appraisal articulations,” enthused Mr Knowles as the tallies were taken and the calls were counted.

In the end the numbers told the story:

Over 500 brave souls took part in the battle, making approximately 2214 successful appraisal bookings. Each and every one made the kingdom of Harcourts proud.


The winners of the 2022 National Appraisal Drive Game of Phones were:

• With an immensely impressive 58 appraisals, the National Landlords of the Ring Most Office PM Appraisals goes to Harcourts Warragul. Congratulations!

• With an incredible 50 appraisals, goes to Taylah Matukin. Well done!

• With an outstanding 387 appraisals, the National ‘Greatest of Call Time’ Most Office Appraisals goes to Harcourts Solutions. Fantastic teamwork!

• With an amazing 142 appraisals, the National ‘Call Star’ Most Individual Appraisals goes to Vihari Devarakonda. Outstanding!

And now, moving alphabetically around the kingdom: 


‘The Greatest of Call Time’ Most Office Appraisals, with 78 appraisals, goes to Harcourts Kellyville.

And the NSW/ACT ‘The Call Star’ Most Individual Appraisals, with 29 appraisals, goes to Ben Singh.


‘The Greatest of Call Time’ Most Office Appraisals, with 387 appraisals, goes to Harcourts Solutions.

And the Queensland ‘The Call Star’ Most Individual Appraisals, with 142 appraisals, goes to Vihari Devarakonda.

South Australia

‘The Greatest of Call Time’ Most Office Appraisals, with 186 appraisals, goes to Harcourts Packham.

And the South Australia ‘The Call Star’ Most Individual Appraisals with 45 appraisals, goes to Fraser Maggi.


‘The Greatest of Call Time’ Most Office Appraisals, with 76 appraisals, ended in a draw between Harcourts Burnie and Harcourts Launceston.

And the Tasmania ‘The Call Star’ Most Individual Appraisals with 27 appraisals, goes to Andrew de Bomford.


‘The Greatest of Call Time’ Most Office Appraisals, with 250 appraisals, goes to Harcourts Rata & Co.

And the Victoria ‘The Call Star’ Most Individual Appraisals with 32 appraisals, goes to Pat Zoccali.

Western Australia

‘The Greatest of Call Time’ Most Office Appraisals, with 128 appraisals, goes to Harcourts Alliance.

And the Western Australia ‘The Call Star’ with 39 appraisals, goes to Paul and Lisa Harris.

…And as the dust it settles,  
The battle being done,

Crowns upon the winners’ heads,
A day of laughs and fun.
Appraisals gained aplenty,
Now phone-fighters to their homes,
Look you forward to next year’s
Harcourts Game of Phones!

Source: Harcourts Communications Australia

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