Troy Hazard

Troy Hazard is a television host, international speaker, Amazon bestselling business author and serial entrepreneur. Visit
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    Smooth Equals Speed

    Troy Hazard recalls how a car racing experience taught him a lesson about life and why it’s necessary to think more than one turn ahead. TAKE A STEP back in time with me for a moment, back to a time and place in school and a moment when you were asked that ever-important question by a guidance counsellor or a…

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    Anticipate is The New Exceed

    TROY HAZARD asks the question, “Is it enough to emphasise excellent customer service, or can we do more to meet our clients’ needs?” TWENTY YEARS ago businesses all over the world were using the same catch-cry to their teams: ‘We need to exceed our customers’ expectations in order for us to be the (insert industry or business category) of choice’.…

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