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  • Photo of Complete productivity plan for real estate agents: Tony Rowe

    Complete productivity plan for real estate agents: Tony Rowe

    Do you find yourself stuck in a continuous loop of procrastination with a to-do list as long as your arm? Learning how to be efficient, effective and organised can take some effort, but it is achievable with the right approach. Here is a list of 12 things you can do to become more productive, less…

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  • Photo of The Cycle of Performance Management

    The Cycle of Performance Management

    No matter who it is you are leading – an assistant, sales team, PM department or the whole agency – you have a critical role to play in the success of others, which of course impacts your own bottom line. Tony Rowe from MRT outlines his four step process to ensure top performance from everyone.…

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  • Photo of How Every Dog Can Learn New Tricks

    How Every Dog Can Learn New Tricks

    IN THE COMPETITIVE industry that is real estate, agents wanting to improve their performance and knowledge may be reluctant to attack an area of weakness for fear of feeling like a ‘newbie’, or worse – failing! Tony Rowe looks at how to step around this hurdle which often stands between agents and their full potential.…

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  • Photo of Four Steps to Twice The Accountability

    Four Steps to Twice The Accountability

    WHAT GETS MEASURED gets done! Tony Rowe discusses how to keep staff engaged, motivated and productive with a simple four-step process for measuring success. MANY, MANY MORE set out on the path to success in this industry than actually make it. And while in some cases it can be lack of commitment from the person…

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  • Photo of Why on the job learning is as important as the classroom

    Why on the job learning is as important as the classroom

    Tony Rowe from explains recognition of prior learning (RPL) as part of a license qualification and why good workplace experience can count for so much. Back in the day, I had a couple of friends at university who were studying accounting. One was a full timer, (in classes for half the day and hanging…

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  • Photo of Proposed Strata rules: A good start

    Proposed Strata rules: A good start

    According to NSW Fair Trading Minister, Anthony Roberts, the proposed new laws are going to bring strata rules into the 21st century. Will they become a reality: and when do some of the other important things get addressed? Tony Rowe gives his opinion. The results are in, and apparently, the Minister (and his department) “has…

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  • Photo of Be ‘BRIEF’ to be Successful!

    Be ‘BRIEF’ to be Successful!

    “the brief” is a weekly newsletter to help you stay informed in and around Australia’s real estate industry. Tony Rowe from has given us a “play” on the word ‘brief ‘which could also be a blueprint for your success in real estate. BRIEF = Better, Real, Informed, Energetic, Focussed! B - be Better at whatever…

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  • Photo of National Licensing What’s Next?

    National Licensing What’s Next?

    Assembling a proposal for the reform of any industry sector is always a challenge, especially when the outcome of that proposal receives widespread criticism and almost universal condemnation. Such has been the outcome of the proposals for a national licensing scheme for the real estate sector. A dogged determination to achieve a particular outcome –…

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  • Photo of How We Learn Has Changed

    How We Learn Has Changed

    In the last five years, the way we learn and gain knowledge has advanced almost as quickly as the technology used to deliver it. The more we learn about how the human brain works, the more we are able to design programs tailored to individual learning styles. No two people are exactly alike, and different…

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  • Photo of Just Walk Away

    Just Walk Away

    Knowing when not to take on a listing is as important a skill as any other in this game. The question is how is that decision made? Tony Rowe gives his opinion. There has been lots of talk recently about agents lowering their fees to secure listings, sometimes to ridiculous levels. Yes, it’s competitive out…

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  • Photo of Calling for consistency

    Calling for consistency

    How is it that real estate licensing requirements can vary so significantly from state to state, when the job is relatively the same? And what should be done about it? Tony Rowe, from BPG Training, says that it is time to focus beyond the parochial rivalries, and adopt a broader, national view. How is it…

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  • Photo of Spend Your Time Wisely!

    Spend Your Time Wisely!

    If you find yourself struggling with managing your time effectively, it may be time for a refresher!Here are some top tips from Tony Rowe, Managing Director of BPG Training, on how to fit more dollar productive activity into each and every day. There’s still only 24 hours in every day. I’ve tried to add more,…

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  • Photo of Plan,Provide, Protect: The Role of The Modern Manager

    Plan,Provide, Protect: The Role of The Modern Manager

    Australian employees work best when they feel involved, rather than dictated to. They also want to be told the reasons behind decisions – which can create interesting challenges for managers. So how do you keep up with the times and be the best manager possible? Story by Tony Rowe. It is essential that 21st century…

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  • Photo of Peak Performance is No Accident

    Peak Performance is No Accident

    Peak performance is the result of a powerful vision and a workable plan put into action over a period of time. There are some definite strategies and behaviours which can accelerate your success to leverage and enhance your performance. When you reach for the stars, you may not quite get one, but you won't come…

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  • Photo of Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics

    Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics

    Statistics are all well and good if they are used correctly and applied to relevant situations. How often do your clients declare themselves Real Estate experts based on something they saw on TV? Empowering yourself with sound local knowledge could be one of the most important things you do. Tony Rowe gives his opinion. One…

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  • Photo of Fit For the Task

    Fit For the Task

    We often look to professional athletes and sporting heroes for motivation in our careers but we can also glean valuable management insight from the way sporting teams are trained for peak performance. Tony Rowe blows the whistle on business owners who are not investing in team training. Training, fitness and conditioning are favourite topics of…

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