Susanne King

With over a decade of business consulting experience and working as a Master Peak Performance Coach for Anthony Robbins, Susanne King is passionate about seeing real-estate agents create attraction businesses but love the life they live.
  • Elite Agent

    Do you know your ideal client: Susanne King

    How can you as an agent differentiate yourself from the competition? Most marketing experts will recommend ‘niching’; they will talk about demographics, psychographics and knowing which end of town you want to be playing in. This is great advice, but it’s only the beginning. You need to visualise who your ideal client really is. Susanne King explains. If you want…

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    Do the Work and Love Your Today

    FEELING UNMOTIVATED, or struggling with performance issues? Susanne King explains how feeling the love can inspire you to hold yourself to a higher standard and reach a better goal. The market sucks!’ Recently I caught up with a client who was complaining about how poorly their business was performing and how hard things had been. As I listened to the…

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