Stuart Benson

Stu Benson is the award winning Director and Auctioneer of Benson Auctions. With over 19 years industry experience and having worked within the Domain Group for over 14 years, he now beings his expert knowledge of the digital real estate space to his newly appointed Growth and Development Manager role at CRM game changer Box+Dice
  • Transform 2016 Coach

    Gaining Support for VPA with Stu Benson

    Thank you our Week 3 sponsor:  Campaigntrack who provided the Super Six a truly amazing offer of investing into their marketing (both personal and property makeovers) a total package worth $15,000 each, total value $90,000.  Coaches: Stu Benson and Melanie Hoole Coaching Links: See an earlier article written by Elite Agent featuring Stu Benson on Spring Selling for some timeless tips.…

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  • Elite Agent

    Tips for Successful Spring Selling

    WHILE THE WEATHER may still be chilly, it won’t be long before the sun shines on the traditional spring selling season in a couple of months. So the time to prepare is now! We asked Stuart Benson of Domain to share his thoughts on how to maximise your time now to maximise this important time of the year. What will…

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